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This Is the Greatest Seder

Everyone knows that one of the goals of Pesach, more so than any other yom tov, is to make the Seder and its messages engaging for children. The mitzvah of the Pesach Seder is “V’higadita l’vincha,” meaning “and you should tell your son,” emphasizing the importance of retelling the


Ayala Kramer Sews Blankets for Infants in Israeli Hospitals

It is always admirable when someone can take a skill and use it to help other people. Twelve-year-old Ayala Kramer of Teaneck did just that, and used a personal connection to make the gesture even more meaningful. The sixth grader at Ben Porat Yosef had developed an interest in sewing after her father suggested the


Hannah Wolkenfeld and Jacob Finkel Are Married Amid Sunshine and Simcha

Hannah Wolkenfeld and Jacob Finkel were married on Sunday, March 11, at Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle, New York.

Hannah is the daughter of Tzippy and Mark Wolkenfeld of West Hempstead, New York. Hannah learned in Tiferet Seminary in Israel and will graduate from Queens College in May.

Jacob is the son of Ricky and Lisa Finkel of


The Becher Aims to Properly Commemorate Destruction of Temple

(Courtesy of The Becher) We’ve all been there. Sitting at a nice restaurant, enjoying the company of family and friends, when the waiter accidentally drops a glass off of their serving tray. They make a valiant effort to try to catch it, but to no avail.

Shatter goes the glass.


Elisheva Perlman Brings the MRKT to Women

She’s known as an insanely creative mastermind, a marketing genius who churns out uncharted—and extraordinarily successful—ideas. She’s also the founder and producer of the Brooklyn MRKT, a buzzing annual event that’s become a magnet for thousands of women across the tri-state area.


Top Seven Hair or Sheitel Mistakes That Age You

You cut your hair/sheitel too short. A popular question I get from my clients is, “Am I too old to wear this length?” As clients mature, particularly when they turn 40, they start wondering how long they can wear their hair at its current length. They want to avoid looking like they are trying too hard at


Tu B’Shevat: Happy Birthday to...the Trees?

From an early age, children learn that Tu B’Shevat is the “birthday of the trees.” Stores stock up on dried fruit, and everyone learns a collection of upbeat songs that embrace the coming of spring in contrast to the freezing temperatures outside.

Tu B’Shevat is a day


JWed.com Launches New Professional Relationship Coaching Services

(Courtesy of JWed.com)JWed.com (Formerly Frumster.com) has brought to fruition over 3,000 marriages. But while averaging three marriages a week, JWed.com acknowledges the increasing challenges so many everyday singles face in finding their chosen one.

As Derek Saker, JWed.com chief


Tenafly Teen Volunteers With Yachad for Bat Mitzvah Project

My name is Stefanie Chernow. I’m currently a sixth grader at Yeshivat Noam. For my bat mitzvah, I didn’t want to just raise money for any organization. I wanted to interact with kids with special needs and I wanted to be part of their life. I found the best program, which is really all about inclusion:


‘Cook Up a Wedding’ Makes Teaneck Debut at Recent Boutiques

Before Chanukah, North Jersey was buzzing with energy as residents anticipated this exciting holiday. Amid the excitement, shuls organized their respective Chanukah boutiques. Amid the hats, kippahs, pom poms, sequin pillows, jewelry and other staples of these events, a new vendor popped up.


Ten Tips for Giving a Successful Dvar Torah at a Simcha

Public speaking: some people shine in the spotlight, some people don’t mind it and will speak when asked, while others dread it and avoid it at all costs. Whatever the feelings toward speaking, there will usually come a time in someone’s life where they are asked to speak on behalf of a close friend or family member, whether at


Rena Soclof Offers Help and Creative Ideas for Chanukah Parties

As Thanksgiving wraps up another delicious year, the Jewish community moves full steam ahead into Chanukah preparations. With any event, there are ways to streamline a process and make things run smoothly. “Hosting is a wonderful thing and can be fun,” said Rena Soclof, event planner and owner of Rena Soclof Events.

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