Monday, July 04, 2022

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In New Matchmaking App, Singles Are Encouraged to Strike Their Own Match

In a world where matchmaking has gotten more difficult than splitting the Red Sea, one website has decided to try and make it fun again. Playing With Matches is a site that aims to make dating and matchmaking easy and without all the complexities, by approaching it from a new angle. Based on comments heard from many singles and


Consider Purim Donations With These Organizations Instead of Mishloach Manot

If Purim seems like a frenzied day of zig-zagging back and forth between friends and family and neighbors, many local (and not local) organizations take the stress out of the day by offering cards that can be sent in advance of Purim. The cards are appreciated across the board. The sender feels positive helping out worthy


Papaya Events Offers Purim-Planning Tips

Even if one chooses to eschew a themed mishloach manot for Purim, it has become a ubiquitous part of the day’s observance for many, with families coordinating their costumes (children included) with the food, to weave a thematic experience across the board.

Not to be left out, in


Which Wine Do You Prefer?

Take this quiz to find out. Remember to jot down each of your answers!

If you could enjoy one last meal, what would it be?

  1. Succulent lemon pound cake
  2. No food—just give me booze!
  3. BBQ beef ribs
  4. Creamy

The Sweetness of Chesed

While most 11-year-old girls were home on a cold Thursday night doing homework or playing on their computers, Lielle Holzer and Leebee Bendheim were out shopping. And not for themselves. They were buying a bounty of birthday gifts for the participants of i-Shine in Bergen County. This outing began as a concept about a year


Can Simchas and Healthy Lifestyle Choices Mix?

Everyone knows the excitement and anticipation felt before a big “shmorg.” Similarly, many can relate to the morning-after regrets of bloating, feeling stuffed and general discomfort caused by overindulging at such events. But kiddush goers and simcha attendees can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone in


Enjoy the Game When These All-Star Players Take Care of the Cooking

For any Super Bowl host or hostess who feels like they spend the whole day prepping, cooking and refilling without even getting to watch the game, the halftime show (the kosher or not-kosher version) or even the commercials, many restaurants and caterers now offer elaborate spreads to take the hassle out of the party for


What to Look For in a Bridal Gown

Enter a bridal salon and be engulfed in a sea of white. You don’t notice the details at first, as racks of gowns blend together in a profusion of tulle, lace and satin. Then the consultant brings out gowns for you to try. You look in the mirror and marvel as your inner Cinderella looks back at you. As you try on each


The Prime Grill and The Service Station

Be gentle. This is my first restaurant review, as far as I can remember. And I’m writing it to prove that kosher food need not always adhere to the adage of “twice the price, half the taste” (that’s a joke by the way). But with some surveys showing that up to 20 percent of Americans look for a kosher symbol as an


Bat Mitzvah Trip

As I neared the 12th birthday of my oldest daughter’s life, I sought ways to imbue this milestone with more meaning than what has become of our traditional parties. That’s not to say that these things aren’t fun or memorable; they are. I certainly remember my own bat mitzvah, especially how my mother actually let me miss a


Simchas Go High Tech, From the Comfort of a Smartphone

Was it only a decade ago that “high tech wedding” referred to scanning items to add to a registry? Over the past few years, there has been a proliferation of programs and apps, both free and fee-based, to help couples plan their big day.

Do these services really help? Or do they


NCSY Bencher Goes Digital: OU Announces the NCSY Bencher App

New York – NCSY, the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union, announced at Yarchei Kallah (NCSY’s winter retreat for public school students) that the NCSY Bencher app has hit both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. This intuitive new app offers users a digital prayerbook with the Grace After Meals,

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