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Ways to Make Your Home Guest Friendly

When guests come to visit, you want their stay to be perfect. The beds are made, pillows fluffed and the music is playing in the background. Having most of my family live far away, we have found some preparations helpful in making their stay as comfortable as possible (and the more comfortable their stay, the longer the


Aviva Breda Consulting Suggests New Ideas in Sukkah Decorating

Many Sukkot decorations miraculously withstand the elements from year to year. Walls of the sukkah are adorned with store-bought decorations, homemade crafts and school projects. Sukkot has a dual nature when looking to enhance the Yom Tov. On the one hand, it is outdoors, where people are


Inspirational Tips for Autumn Outdoor Entertaining

(BPT)The days are shorter, the temperatures are cooler and kids are back in school. You’ve said goodbye to summer socials, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your apron and stow the patio furniture. Autumn is one of the best times of the year for outdoor entertaining, and with a


Y-Studs Present ‘Evolution of Jewish Music’

The Jewish High Holidays are upon us, and with them comes  Y-Studs A Cappella’s latest compelling vocal production.From the all-male, Upper Manhattan


Bat Mitzvah Girls Distribute Rosh Hashanah Treats

When trying to figure out what their first mitzvah should be after becoming bat mitzvahs, Sarah Wasserlauf and Ana’el Sobol were sure they didn’t want to raise money or collect items; they wanted to be involved from start to finish and see the smiles on the people’s faces.



Soléne Advises Hat Wearers on Simcha Wear

Everyone knows how much time and effort can go into just the right hairstyle for a simcha or other event. For many women, a hat is the adornment of choice for these events, whether for religious reasons or just because of the elegance this piece brings to any ensemble. Many mothers of a simcha event look for fancy hat pieces or


Teaneck’s ‘On The Table’ Has Everything for Simchas, Yom Tov and Home

Where did people go for avant garde tableware before On The Table came to Queen Anne Road? When Rachel Kupfer came to Teaneck she brought a fresh look at serving pieces with her. “I always enjoyed wrapping gifts; finding eye-catching pieces and displaying them always came naturally,” Rachel


A Sheva Brachot Primer

The wedding is over, the couple is beaming and the parents are exhaling. But if you volunteered to make sheva brachot, your job is just beginning.

Making sheva brachot is like planning a big anniversary or birthday party, only with some specific requirements. You need a minyan


A Bat Mitzvah Focused on Giving: Ella Ashendorf’s Bat Mitzvah Project

When people think of a bat mitzvah, they usually relate it to a fancy dress, gourmet food and constant dancing. However, when Ella Ashendorf looks back on her bat mitzvah, she will remember her contribution to ensuring the success of the sixth annual Teaneck Children’s Clothing Drive.


Want Stress Free Event Planning? Use ‘Rena Soclof Events’ for Your Next Party

Rena Soclof of Teaneck has always had a knack for turning people’s dreams into reality. She starts with someone’s vision of an event or party and, step by step, helps bring that vision to fruition by creating an event that perfectly meets the person’s needs and expectations. Recognizing


Party Themes for a Summer Bash to Remember

(BPT)When summer party season arrives, your guests will be happy to eat the grilled food you serve and down gallons of iced tea, but will they recall your party after Labor Day? Every good host wants to throw a bash guests will talk about all summer and remember long after the first snowfall. A themed summer


Penny and Co. Events Advises on Summer Celebrations and Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

During the warmer months, many people like to take advantage of the venue an outdoor backdrop provides. Without careful planning, an outdoor environment can be difficult to navigate. Penny Rabinowitz, a seasoned event planner, has extensive experience in all types of events, including entertaining outdoors, and spoke to The Jewish Link with her advice

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