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When Looking to Reduce Costs, Can Photos Be ‘Do-It-Yourself’?

When making a simcha, many people play a game of “give and take” with their budget. If they opt to have a bigger hall, then the family may choose a simpler menu. Some people choose to cut out the photographer. After all, with digital technology as accessible as it is, is that job really necessary for the


For Jews Everywhere, the End of Summer Means…Weddings

(Part II of II)

We now rejoin our wedding, already in progress.


At the entrance of the Chuppah room, ushers will often hand out programs and mints like they’re bathroom


Tips for Planning Your Wedding and Beyond

(StatePoint)While making the wedding day spectacular may seem like the main goal for engaged couples, savvy twosomes are also considering how they will build their home and life together after the honeymoon.

Luckily, these days, there are plenty of ways to plan your big day and happily ever


The Avi Maza Orchestra, All-Around Band and Party Planners

Party planning can be tough, especially when you have varied guests to please. The Avi Maza Orchestra takes pride in providing music for disparate audiences, all along the religious and age spectrum, with discerning tastes. Founded by Avi Maza in 1998, this eclectic group of talented musicians, DJs and other entertainers,


Helping Others While Celebrating Your Simcha

Imagine walking into a bat mitzvah and on every table there are big, fluffy tutus. You would probably think, “Hmm. Interesting choice of centerpiece…” Then you would walk up to your table and read the little pink card explaining that the tutu and the other assorted dancewear on the tables are being


Labor Day Party Themes That Sizzle

(BPT)Patriotic celebrations, Labor Day bbqs, neighborhood block parties, graduations, bridal showers and family reunions—whatever your late summer soiree, a creative theme can elevate any gathering from fun to fantastic. If you’ve done the usual—luau, ethnic and red-white-and-blue—and are looking for


Four Important 2016 Books for Your Holiday Consideration

There were so many excellent books out there this year for the Jewish reader.

I picked four of the most recent selections I’ve had the privilege of reading. Each one of them “spoke” to me personally and helped me with a better understanding of the parsha,


Getting It Covered: Bergenfield Teen Sells Kippot to Save Lives in Israel

It’s not about the limit of what you can do, it’s about doing what you can. Such is the philosophy that drove a young resident of Bergenfield, New Jersey, to start a fundraiser based on selling kippot to raise money for United Hatzalah in Israel. Out of nothing, young Aiden Sausen raised over $500 in a short


West Orange’s Jacob Rutner Aids Leket Israel

The Rutner family of West Orange traveled

to Israel in June in honor of their son and brother Jacob’s bar mitzvah. Jacob is one of five Rutner children, and was joined by four of his siblings and his parents on his tikkun olam venture. After traveling to Israel


‘Emunah With Love and Chicken Soup’ Is a Wonderful Cliché

Review of ‘Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup: The Story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis, the Brooklyn-born Girl Who Became a Jerusalem Legend.’ By Sara Yoheved Rigler (2016). Hardcover. 576 pages. ArtScroll Shaar Press. ISBN-10: 1422618358.

Okay, you’ve heard all the clichés,


New Simcha Trend Has Girls Swapping Gucci for Converse

Most women and girls can think of a time when they chose style over comfort when dressing for a simcha, and suffered through the evening with pinched toes and sore feet. But a recent trend in weddings and bat mitzvahs shows that some have come up with a creative solution. Instead of the usual ballet flats


‘Yemima Mizrachi Speaks’ Is Pure Delight

Review of ‘Yemima Mizrachi Speaks: Words of Torah. Words of chizuk. Words you have to hear.’ Adapted by Shiffy Friedman. (2016) Hardcover. 440 pages. Artscroll Mesorah Publications. ISBN-10: 1422618404.

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi has become a

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