Friday, December 09, 2022

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‘Trouble Ahead’ Provides Lessons for Young Readers

The shrilling noise crept into her consciousness even as Ruthie Somerfield wanted to ignore the sound. She tried covering her head with her pillow, but the alarm just kept wailing.

It was six thirty. Time to get up and start her day. Except Ruthie wasn’t in the mood for school. Going


The Unique Joy of Celebrating ‘Three Weeks’ Smachot

Both religious and secular celebrations take vast amounts of time and effort. But as a Jew there’s the extra concern about the Three Weeks, that chunk of the summer that would otherwise have been perfect for a big summer party. During the Three Weeks it’s forbidden to get married, although engagements are permissible,


‘Relics for the Present, Vol. II’ Is a Must-Read

When I first started seriously learning Talmud a few years ago, I was still somewhat intimidated by the multi-tome text, which spelled out many of the roots of Jewish observance. In a language I hadn’t encountered since high school, in a cadence that was simultaneously familiar and unknowable, I wanted to penetrate the text, but


Rabbi Paysach Krohn Is a Sparkling Storyteller

Review of “Illuminations of the Maggid,” by Paysach Krohn (2016), Hardcover: Artscroll. ISBN-10: 1422618226.

This may be Rabbi Paysach Krohn’s best Maggid book. As one reads story after story (it is almost impossible to put it down, so know that you may become


Feldheim Publishers Highlights Books for the Holidays

Feldheim has been serving the Jewish public for over 70 years. Its publications cover the gamut of Torah literature, reflecting the diversity of Jewish thought. Feldheim’s goal is to provide authentic, quality reading material that teaches and inspires in an enjoyable


‘With Might and Strength’ Tells Rabbi Shlomo Goren’s Story

Review of ‘“With Might and Strength”: An Autobiography,’ Edited by Avi Rath & translated by Miryam Blum. (2016) Maggid Books. Hardcover. 457 pages. ISBN-10: 1592644090.

I have long been fascinated by the personality and psakim(halachic rulings) of Rabbi


The Third Temple Transforms the World

Review of The Falconi Effect: A Modern Novel About the Days of the Messiah, by Catriel Sugarman (2016) paperback. 394 pages. Ketoret. ISBN-10: 0692531882.

The symbol of Jerusalem’s Third Temple and its implications for Messianic Times, including world peace, universal

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