Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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The Rockleigh Reinvents Outdoor Weddings

The Rockleigh is back to making beautiful weddings. After lockdown this spring—prime wedding season—this event venue in Rockleigh, New Jersey, created a new arrangement with outdoor tents connected to the building amidst the facility’s lush gardens and fountains. Although the tents are separate,


'Stage the Engage' Is There for Couples’ Special Moments

(Courtesy of Stage the Engage) An engagement proposal is one of the most talked about events in any couple’s history, but how could it be that no one is there to help organize it? Pinterest, YouTube and other social media forums have been the only sources for ideas that anyone looking to get engaged could rely on—until


Zoomchas: How to Have a Simcha on Zoom

(Reprinted courtesy of Aish HaTorah)

The word “simcha,” which is used to describe celebrations, actually means happiness. But happiness is hard when you show up to your grandparents’ house and they yell at you to stay away so you don’t kill them. It’s hard to celebrate a bat mitzvah


The Challenges and Joys of Planning a COVID-Era Wedding

Little did I know at the time the engagement was announced that our happy news would lead not to a brisk stroll through our checklist but to a disorienting dash through an unexpected obstacle course.

When my daughter and her fiancé announced their engagement


Simcha Photographers Rise to the Challenge

Pictures help keep memories of smachot alive long after the actual simcha is over. Today, photographers are trying their hardest to create beautiful wedding portraits that only hint at the coronavirus pandemic. Like all other elements of making a backyard simcha, photography has its own


Creative Approaches Help Build Safer Smachot

Engaged couples planning their weddings have to consider health as well as elegance. Personalized masks, bottles of hand sanitizer and gloves are the new party favors. Seating is no longer a function of which relatives aren’t speaking to each other and who wants to be next to their best friend. You have to know how many guests


A Parking Lot Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Celebrations have definitely taken on a new appearance over the past weeks. Although the way we mark a momentous occasion may look a little different, the meaning remains the same. We want to feel special and loved and share the moment with friends and family.

On Sunday, June 14, we celebrated


Triple S Studios Webcast Weddings Engage Virtual Guests

Triple S Studios is bringing the sophistication of their professionally produced audio-visual events, usually reserved for fundraising galas, to webcasting for weddings. With weddings limited to a small number of in-person guests, webcasts are capturing all the action and emotion to keep virtual audiences feeling like


COVID-19 Can’t Stop The Simcha

Like birds singing after a storm, engagements and weddings are beginning again, after coming to an almost screeching halt when the novel coronavirus hit.

Jay Scharf, a diamond specialist, who has been working out of his Teaneck home, said he is getting busy now, making rings for smachot


From a Fellow Kallah During COVID-19

(Reprinted with permission from the CBY Bulletin) If you were anything like me as a little girl, then you’ve been planning your big day since you were 3. Ever since I first saw the end of Cinderella, marrying the prince in a beautiful, sparkly white ball gown, surrounded by roses and hundreds of people, I’ve been planning and


The Joys and Challenges of a Zoom Bris

Jacqueline and Steven Herman are lucky grandparents. The bris of their new grandson took place in their Englewood home. All the other guests watched on Zoom.

Herman said she didn’t know what to expect with a Zoom bris, or how she’d feel. “I was a little tentative but it was quite


Date Through Facebook During Corona

Meeting one’s future spouse is as difficult as the splitting of the sea. It is even more difficult during COVID and the need for social distancing. I met my wife through social media and now—more than ever—this platform can help others meet potential mates. This is the strategy behind my creation of the Jewish Dating Group on

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