Saturday, December 04, 2021

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Put the ‘Super’ in Your Super Bowl Party

Well folks, Super Bowl weekend is here. Everywhere you turn, from ShopRite to Chuck E. Cheese, you can find people in their football finest. At the end of the day, however, kickoff and the food is the center of conversation. Rena Soclof, a Bergen County-based event planner, offers some tips for Super Bowl fans.


The Wedding Gift Query: How Much to Give?

Gifts are wonderful to receive and always much appreciated. The age-old question, which not everyone is eager to discuss openly, is exactly how much is the correct amount to give, if one is giving a monetary gift. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how people decide. In most cases, family members receive more than complete


Leah Rothman Trains for Jerusalem Marathon to Benefit Camp HASC

Many members of our communities have a special connection to Camp HASC. Countless couples have met through working there, parents send their children to attend camp and many teenagers and young adults work as counselors there as well.

Naftali and Freida Rothman of Bergenfield both worked at Camp


Weddings and Other Simchas: The More the Merrier

One night last week, I went to three close family weddings. They all took place in the same Brooklyn neighborhood so at least I did not have to spend any time on the highway. Usually, when a close cousin is marrying off a child, I try to participate fully. Even if I do not get there in time for the Chuppah, I stay for the meal and the


Pamper Your Skin Before Your Next Simcha

Everyone knows the importance of a good skincare regimen, but at the end of the day it’s so much easier to just fall into bed without giving your skin all the attention it may need. However, when a family simcha is on the horizon, you may want to step up the TLC you should have been giving your face all along. Much of the advice


Customizable Is Key This Gift-Giving Season

Despite many efforts to fight the trend, gifts and Chanukah still go hand in hand. Instead of trying to beat the system, embrace it and add meaning to the gifts you give your family and friends. According to Forbes Magazine, customizable purchases are increasingly popular as “one-size-fits-all” becomes a


Gift the Gift of a Customized Kiddush Cup or Pendant

Teaneck resident Shlomo Mizrahi has been in the jewelry business since 1972 and launched a unique and beautiful sideline in the 1990s. He can take a photographic image and perfectly render it on a silver kiddush cup or necklance pendant. While silver is traditional for cups, the pendants are also available in 14K white


Get a Head Start on Chanukah Fun With Rena Soclof Events

Don’t look now but Chanukah is barely a month away. Amazing Savings has their elaborate display of Chanukah tableware and crafts, and Costco has constant deliveries of blue and silver boxes of chocolates. Even if Chanukah planning is not at the forefront of anyone’s mind just yet, now is a great time to start getting a head


Holiday Tips for Houseguests and Hosts

(StatePoint) One of the benefits to Chanukah and Thanksgiving being holidays where driving is permitted means that there is a chance to get together with friends and family who live farther from home. In addition, Thanksgiving often comes with an extended weekend, and many schools give long weekends off, enabling families to maximize the


A Sweet New Year Starts With Sweet Centerpieces

Look at any Facebook feed at this time of year and one thing is noticeable: table decor and thematic treats are as much a part of the meals as the fish head, apple dipped in honey, and new fruits. Floral centerpieces are a classic Yom Tov table enhancement, but now food itself has become part of the decor and not


On The Table’s ‘Perfect Gifts’ Are Now Available in Israel

There is no end to the service Rachel Kupfer and On The Table bring to their clients. Every summer the staff helps mothers pick out an assortment of lightweight, packable and non-fragile gifts to send with their children to Israel. “They’re always balancing the limited space of the suitcase and trying


Cool Entertaining Tips for a Warm Sukkot

(StatePoint) Sukkot in September? In anticipation of a warmer than usual holiday, there are some backyard (or front driveway, depending on sukkah placement) entertaining details that are important to consider. Everyone loves Sukkot, and in order to focus on the simcha of the chag, here are a few tips guaranteed to keep your guests cool,

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