Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Mazel Tov to Alex & Jen Altberg of Los Angeles, CA on the birth of a daughter, Tamar Emunah

Mazel Tov to Alex & Jen Altberg of Los Angeles, CA on the birth of a daughter, Tamar Emunah. She is, b”h, their first child and she was born on January 23rd - 7 Shvat. Alex got an aliyah at the YI of Century City on Shabbos Parshas Beshalach where Rabbi Elazar Muskin recited the misheberach. Mazel Tov to Jen’s parents Dr. Rochelle Feldman


Young Israel of Teaneck Bat Mitzvah Group Volunteers at Masbia Soup Kitchen

The Young Israel of Teaneck Bat Mitzvah Group visited the Masbia soup kitchen in Queens this past Thursday. The group of 14 girls, accompanied by Rebbetzin Chani Krohn and parent volunteer Sharon Singer, helped in many ways. They packed and distributed food packages and helped to prepare for and serve dinner to


The Sheva Brachot Are Over. Now What?

Tips for transitioning from singledom to married life.

With a chorus of mazel tovs and a flurry of activity, the newly engaged couple goes from engagement parties, to registering, to the wedding and through sheva brachot. When the dust settles, the bride and groom have a chance to set up a life


Yeshiva University Celebrates 87th Annual Commencement

(Courtesy of Yeshiva University) On Wednesday, May 16, Yeshiva University’s Class of 2018 celebrated the University’s 87th commencement along with friends and family at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, delivered the


JCC MetroWest Holds Special Needs Services Formal Dance

On the evening of May 6, JCC MetroWest welcomed over 150 guests to a formal dance where they enjoyed a catered dinner, dancing with friends to a live DJ, fun at the photo booth and meeting new friends. It was a very special evening where JCC participants along with members of the wider community got dressed and


It’s Slime Time for the Agus Sisters

Slime may have seemed like a passing fad at first, but as teachers, parents and store owners have seen, this was a product with staying—and sticking—power. Everyone has their own secret recipe, with young teens and tweens spending countless hours finding magical combinations for their very own slime.


Can You Make a Simcha Go Green?

Though Earth Day may be in our rearview mirror, a sense of awareness of our natural resources should never be far from our minds. Making a simcha is no exception to our need to think of ways to cut back on waste. Now, we would never expect anyone to do away with disposable tableware. Nearly every family has their mini


This Is the Greatest Seder

Everyone knows that one of the goals of Pesach, more so than any other yom tov, is to make the Seder and its messages engaging for children. The mitzvah of the Pesach Seder is “V’higadita l’vincha,” meaning “and you should tell your son,” emphasizing the importance of retelling the


Ayala Kramer Sews Blankets for Infants in Israeli Hospitals

It is always admirable when someone can take a skill and use it to help other people. Twelve-year-old Ayala Kramer of Teaneck did just that, and used a personal connection to make the gesture even more meaningful. The sixth grader at Ben Porat Yosef had developed an interest in sewing after her father suggested the


Hannah Wolkenfeld and Jacob Finkel Are Married Amid Sunshine and Simcha

Hannah Wolkenfeld and Jacob Finkel were married on Sunday, March 11, at Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle, New York.

Hannah is the daughter of Tzippy and Mark Wolkenfeld of West Hempstead, New York. Hannah learned in Tiferet Seminary in Israel and will graduate from Queens College in May.

Jacob is the son of Ricky and Lisa Finkel of


The Becher Aims to Properly Commemorate Destruction of Temple

(Courtesy of The Becher) We’ve all been there. Sitting at a nice restaurant, enjoying the company of family and friends, when the waiter accidentally drops a glass off of their serving tray. They make a valiant effort to try to catch it, but to no avail.

Shatter goes the glass.


Elisheva Perlman Brings the MRKT to Women

She’s known as an insanely creative mastermind, a marketing genius who churns out uncharted—and extraordinarily successful—ideas. She’s also the founder and producer of the Brooklyn MRKT, a buzzing annual event that’s become a magnet for thousands of women across the tri-state area.

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