Wednesday, March 29, 2023

In a dramatic decision this evening (Monday), the Supreme Court, in a majority ruling of six judges, changed the “Prevention of Infiltration Law” and ruled that it would no longer be possible to incarcerate asylum-seekers without a trial. The judges also decided to close the Holot detention facility within 3 months.

To this day, the law, initiated by Minister Gideon Sa’ar, allowed to detain African citizens for a year, and then transfer them to the Holot detention facility. Human rights groups have filed an appeal to the Supreme Court calling for a repeal of the law. The Supreme Court, in a panel of nine judges, heard the appeal and decided today to cancel a few sections of the law.

This is the second time an appeal regarding this issue was filed to the Supreme Court. Following the original appeal, the Court ordered to shorten the allowed incarceration period of African citizens – initially set to three years. In the new law, the Minister of Interior shortened the allowed incarceration period to a year and now the Supreme Court has rejected that as well.

It was also decided, with a majority of seven judges, to order the cancellation of chapter 4 of the “Prevention of Infiltration Law,” which regulates the establishment and operation of the African citizens stay center known as “Holot.” The judges have given a three-month extension period to the process of closing the facility.

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By Ran Archy

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