Saturday, June 03, 2023


Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Israel’s Anti-Terror Strategy

The Biden administration has once again criticized Israel for dismantling the homes of Palestinian Arab terrorists. U.S. officials say the practice is unfair because, as State Department spokesman Ned Price has put it, “the home of an entire family shouldn’t be demolished for the action of one individual.”


Four-Letter Words

Hate. This four-letter word—often underestimated—is arguably much more dangerous than any curse word our children can learn. We are not born with hate in our hearts. It is something that is taught, something that is passed down to our children. Often it is done innocuously, like when we say, “I hate this song,” or “I hate this sports team.” But once we


Biden’s ‘Equity’ Policy Is Racializing America

The accelerated plans to put DEI at the center of government mandates undermine the goal of equality and give a boost to woke antisemitism.

You may not have noticed it, but last week the federal government announced further plans to racialize America and to further enshrine toxic woke


So, What ‘Provoked’ The Ramot Attack?

The ‘cycle of violence’ lie won’t work this time, so watch the Palestinians’ supporters try to quickly change the subject.

In Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood, two young brothers and a newlywed are dead. Four other innocent Jewish civilians, including two children, are critically


The Onus Is Not on Israel

The distorted international narrative must be countered.

It’s hardly a new story for the international narrative regarding Israel to be rife with factual errors and misunderstandings. Yet now, in the midst of considerable turmoil, distortions regarding Israel’s interactions with the


Terror in Jerusalem, Counter-Terror in Jenin and False Moral Equivalence

Once again, mainstream media minimizes and obscures Palestinian terrorism.

Attempting to explain away the horrific Palestinian terror attack on Israeli Jews outside a Jerusalem synagogue on Friday evening, Jan. 27, MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin tweeted: “Just a reminder, as the Western


Israel, It’s Time for a Grand Bargain on Judicial Reforms

The Israeli Supreme Court has arrogated to itself all of the powers of the US Supreme Court with none of the corresponding limitations, restrictions or burdens.

Having practiced law in the U.S. for more than 35 years and appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court, I undoubtedly am biased in


Jew-Hatred at American Universities

WhileJews were being hounded out of German universities in the 1930s, where would you have stood? Many of us would like to think we would have found the moral and, if necessary, physical courage to stand up for our fellow students rather than see them persecuted, bullied, abused and thrown out. Well, now we can actually put our


The Invisible Jews

94% of the reported incidents of violence between 2018 and 2022 were committed against Orthodox Jews.

Should I start with the good news? Okay.

If you are a secular Jew who does not wear religious symbols, kipas and attire, isn’t walking toward a


Next Steps for the Abraham Accords

The three Abrahamic faiths must now come together to bring our shared values to the world.

With the announcement of the Abraham Accords, the world witnessed the impossible become possible. The nations of the Middle East were on the path to peace with their neighbors.


Persecuted American Jewish Students Should Study in Israel Instead

The atmosphere on American campuses is toxic, but Jewish students have the opportunity to see how the antisemites do without them.

Almost every week, and sometimes more often than that, this publication reports on the latest incident of campus antisemitism. It is clear from this


What the Miami Boys Choir Can Teach Us About Voting

The Miami Boys Choir got global attention when 9 million people watched their 15-year-old video. For those not on social media, a resurfaced Miami Boys Choir video caught the attention of TikTok users across the world. It wasn’t just their catchy tune that made headlines. It was the astronomically high numbers

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