Thursday, January 20, 2022


It’s Not the Nationality Law, It’s the Jewish State They Hate

The ink on Israel’s Nationality Law had barely dried before a torrent of accusations and hatred rained down upon the Israeli government like a volley of rhetorical Katyusha rockets. In addition to everything else, apparently Israelis are now not even allowed to have their own nationality.



Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing: Finally Talking About Hashem

Over the past few weeks, there has been much talk over a series of articles that were recently published in Mishpacha Magazine. The original article, written by Rachel Ginsberg, focused on the chasidut of the Baal Shem Tov and the so-called “neo-chasidic” movement in America. The article was met with much criticism from Rabbi


Your Turn: NJ’s Double Standard on School Security Funding

Quite possibly, the worst nightmare of any parent is to receive a call or email about a serious breach of security at their child’s school.

Local and statewide education leaders and elected officials are determined to do all they can to increase the safety of and prevent violence in


Whatever Happened to the ADL?

The attack on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is the latest instance of how Jonathan Greenblatt has turned the venerable anti-Semitism watchdog into a partisan outfit.

When Jonathan Greenblatt replaced Abe Foxman as national director of the Anti-Defamation League in 2015, the


NY Times Conceals Widespread Criticism of UN Human-Rights Body

Who could have anything bad to say about an organization with so lofty a title as the United Nations Human Rights Council?

“Conservatives.” Or so says The New York Times in its June 20 story about the United States withdrawal from the council. “Conservatives have been complaining about the


Right and Wrong, Children and Immigration

Emotional responses to separating parents and children at the border provide a textbook case of how partisans distort issues while evading moral responsibility.

As a general rule, injecting emotion into policy debates is a mistake. Cold, rational logic remains the best path to understanding an


Sanders Leads Dems Away From Israel

There was a time when what the socialist representing Vermont in the Senate said about Israel didn’t matter much. But the days of Sen. Bernie Sanders being an irrelevant eccentric are long gone. His surprisingly tough challenge to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries made him the darling of the


A ‘Messi’ Situation

On Tuesday, the lead headlines coming out of Israel and the Middle East, like a red card, announced the Argentinian decision to cancel its scheduled “friendly” soccer match against the Israel national team in Jerusalem (see the news article on page 12).

The decision is a clear victory for


Iran’s Leaders at War With Western Civilization; Why Is the West Putting Up With It?

The United States just withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal. The move is fully justified not only on the grounds of security, but primarily because Iran’s Khomeinist revolution is a deadly and propulsive ideology that the West cannot allow to become a nuclearized one.

For the French


Too Close to Home: Jewish Groups Oppose NYC Public School’s ‘Moment of Silence’ for Gaza Terrorists

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza are under fire from several Jewish organizations for not responding publicly to a school incident that has left Jewish students and parents unnerved.

A “moment of silence” was held at the Beacon School, a


Barnard: How Not to Beat BDS

The BDS movement hasn’t won many victories in the United States in recent years, but Israel’s opponents had to be thrilled when they learned that the student body at Barnard College voted to endorse a proposal asking the highly regarded educational institution to divest from eight companies that do business in Israel.


An Open Letter to the Orthodox Community: Don’t Say No to Drugs

In 1982, Nancy Reagan visited the Longfellow Elementary School in Oakland, California, as she embarked on her historic national anti-drug campaign. During this visit, she was asked by a young schoolgirl what she should do if she was offered drugs. The First Lady responded, “just say no.” The rest, as they say, is history.

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