Thursday, February 25, 2021


5 Ways to Make Jewish Life Less ‘Clichéd’ from an Actual Millennial

I am a Millennial. I say this proudly. I dance around Jewish tradition, modernity, and practice in a way that Millennials do. I whole-heartedly enjoy my status as a Generation Y’er. At the same time, however, I really don’t like how much of the conversation about how to engage my peers is fundamentally had by people who don’t seem to


The Lesser Known Effect of Har Nof’s Tragedy

It was a Tuesday morning. I had just finished leading the morning prayers in the national-religious synagogue in the heavily haredi neighborhood of Har Nof where I serve as rabbi. One of my congregants approached me and asked me to read a passage from the Book of Psalms. When I asked him why, he said, “Rabbi, there was a terrorist attack


Palestinians Must Lead The Fight To Reform UNRWA

We Palestinians can no longer deny our responsibility for the destiny of our people. For 26 years I have been devoting my life to the mission of defending human rights. I have seen wars and terror.

I live in Jerusalem and was brought up in an UNRWA refugee camp in Shuafat, a refugee camp like 58 other


Defining Israel As a Jewish State

Israel’s cabinet has approved legislation to officially define the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This timely measure accomplishes several important goals. It will facilitate peace by encouraging the Arab world to accept Israel’s permanence. It will help forge a sense of unity among the famously diverse and


US Tries to Head Off Israeli-Palestinian ‘Al-Aqsa War’

A source close to President Mahmoud Abbas told Al-Monitor that the Palestinian president was committed to preventing a third intifada. “It’s not in his interest,” the official said. “This crisis is not only about Israel, it is also about ruling in Palestine. Hamas intends to inflame an intifada using religious content: saving


So Right and Yet So Wrong: The Truth that Sheldon Adelson Told Us

The media has covered casino magnates Sheldon Adelson’s address to the Israel-American Council, a recently formed organization of Israelis who live in the United States, many of whom have truthfully become Israeli-Americans.

Addressing the current situation, what to do about the land and what to do


A Jewish Perspective on Obama, Lincoln, and Gettysburg

(Reprinted with permission; this first appeared in The Algeimeiner)

In light of President Obama’s recent drubbing in the midterm elections, the November 19th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address is a good time to see what Abraham Lincoln–who suffered his own (milder) setback in the 1862 mid-term


The UAE and Saudi War on the Muslim Brotherhood 80 Could Be Trouble for the US

The UAE Cabinet approved a list of 83 designated terrorist organizations recently, including al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Much more significant, though, was the inclusion of many Muslim organizations based in the West that are believed to be allied with the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Prominent among them are two American Muslim groups: the Council on American


Staying at Home on Election Day is Too Expensive

Now that we are past Election Day, I think the clearest message to come out of the elections is “just show up.”

For the past three years, the New Jersey team of OU Advocacy?the public policy arm of the Orthodox Union?has reached out to the New Jersey Jewish community to stress the importance of


Danny Ayalon: ‘Israel Security is Strong, and the US-Israel Alliance is Unbreakable’

On November 5 I hosted Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Former Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States, and the Rennert Visiting Professor of Foreign Policy Studies at Yeshiva University, on “JM in the AM.”

While I originally booked Ambassador Ayalon to hear his thoughts on


Why Israel Matters to Me, Even If I’m Not Jewish

I was thrilled as a young boy to watch the rebirth of Israel. I knew of the Holocaust; pictures of people suffering and dead in the camps sent shivers up my spine. I celebrated with Jewish friends in Philadelphia when Israeli independence was declared in 1948. But it wasn’t the same, really, because I’m not Jewish. For Jews, supporting


Israel’s War with the U.S.

Three wars made blips on Israel’s radar screen this week, and then disappeared. Israel has been conducting two out of the three wars against its will. One is the war against Iran’s nuclear plans, which played on the imaginations of many observers Oct. 6 when reports emerged about a tremendous and mysterious explosion at the secretive