Thursday, February 25, 2021


Arrest Made in Temple University Assault

Englewood mayor Michael Wildes, attorney for a Jewish student at Temple University who was attacked during a student fair, told JLBC there was an arrest made in the incident this week, and the individual has been charged with assault. However, the District Attorney’s office decided not to characterize it as a hate crime,

Daniel Vessal said he was punched


Dramatic Verdict: Holot Detention Facility Will be Closed

In a dramatic decision this evening (Monday), the Supreme Court, in a majority ruling of six judges, changed the “Prevention of Infiltration Law” and ruled that it would no longer be possible to incarcerate asylum-seekers without a trial. The judges also decided to close the Holot detention facility within 3 months.

To this day, the law,


How to Get Sunnis to Turn Against ISIS

A “Son of Iraq” Speaks Out

From 2006-8, I led the Sunni Awakening in Baghdad, efficiently eliminating many security threats to the citizens of Iraq’s capital city.

It is work of which I am proud. This on-the-ground push by local Iraqis proved to be critical to the success of the U.S.


Perspectives of a Survivor

The address given at the Anti-Abuse Panel Discussion Held at Rinat Yisrael on September 14, 2014

I am going to leave the analysis of the phenomenon and the detailing of best practices on abuse prevention and victim support to the real experts. Instead I will be sharing my own story–both my experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and my experiences


Why Empower the Unworthy?

Kol Hakavod to the Jewish community for preventing the PBS broadcast of the opera, Klinghoffer. However, there are issues to be considered when calling for thousands upon thousands of Jews to show up and gridlock traffic at the intersection of Columbus, Amsterdam and Broadway at the height of rush hour because the Met is putting on a single performance of an admittedly


ISIS Repulsed from Damascus

Specific achievements were registered in the struggle against ISIS. Arab media outlets reported that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Syrian forces pushed ISIS fighters away from the Syrian capital city of Damascus and caused damage to the terrorist organization’s facilities. According to Iranian Press TV, the Syrian Army is determined to prevent the terrorist


Saying ‘No’ to the Met

American Jews have yet another chance to stand up against anti-Israel invective, where Palestinian terror is equated with the sufferings of its victims. The upcoming re-showing of the Opera ‘The Death of Leon Klinghoffer,’ who was a disabled American Jew, murdered and thrown off the Achille Lauro ship in 1986, by Palestinian terrorists, is another example of such


The Virtue of Subtlety: A U.S. Strategy Against the Islamic State

U.S. President Barack Obama said recently that he had no strategy as yet toward the Islamic State but that he would present a plan on Wednesday. It is important for a president to know when he has no strategy. It is not necessarily wise to announce it, as friends will be frightened and enemies delighted. A president must know what it is he does not know, and he should


Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a Model for Jewish Fundraising?

The hottest month of summer was ice cold, as thousands of people poured buckets of ice water over their heads to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and raise research money for the fatal neurological disease. In just a few weeks, three million donors helped raise more than $100 million, blowing the $2.7 million the ALS Association raised


When Burning Jews Isn’t News

On Aug. 30, Palestinian terrorists set a Jewish man on fire in Jerusalem, and on Sept. 1, other Palestinian terrorists tried to set an entire bus full of Israeli Jews on fire. Yet I couldn’t find any mention of these horrific attacks in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any other major American news outlet. Why is it that news about


Is There a Halachic Basis for the Refusal of Haredi Men To Serve in Tzahal? Part 2

The first part of this reflection on the very serious topic of people refusing to serve in Tzahal concluded with the observation that even after the destruction of Bayit Sheyni, Rabbi Akivah encouraged Bar Kochba to rebel against the Roman emperor Hadrian who tried to eradicate our religion. The extreme Islamist Jihadist enemies who surround Israel today would do


An Israel-Palestine-Jordan Economic Federation Can Advance Peace

Senior officials in Ramallah told Al-Monitor that the Palestinian Authority (PA)–alongside its statehood drive at the United Nations–will look for new plans to advance the two-state solution in coordination with the international community.

The PA is advancing innovative plans that build on the fractured structure left behind by the war. Such an