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Condemning the ‘Mapping Project’ Isn’t Enough

Opposition to the targeting of Jews by mainstream Democrats was a rejection of anti-Zionist extremism. But the real problem is this effort’s roots in critical race theory and intersectionality.

On the face of it, the “Mapping Projec


The Dangers of Exaggeration

An analysis of Google Trends demonstrates the hazards of overemphasizing events easily and effectively manipulated by Palestinian propaganda.

By Hillel Frisch/Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security via JNS.org

Israel and the Palestinians are


From the Medyka to Warsaw: Finding Inspiration in Poland

Editor’s Note: The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) recently ran a mission to Poland with approximately 20 rabbis from around the world. The purpose of the mission was to meet with the Jewish refugees from Ukraine to show support. Rabbi Zev Goldberg of Fort Lee and Rabbi Andrew Markowitz of Fair Lawn both participated


Loving Israel, From Left to Right

Israel’s supporters don’t have to love Israel the same way, but we can each have ‘a heart with many rooms.’

I had interesting conversations recently with leaders of two progressive pro-Israel organizations in the wake of the renewed terror attacks in Israel. Because I believe in


An Open Letter to the Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson

In a breathtaking display of tendentiousness and a misreading of history and fact, you published an editorial on April 29 in The Harvard Crimson titled, “In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanction and a Free Palestine,” an outrageous column replete with slanders against the Jewish state that called for the Harvard community to commit


Where We Belong

A number of years ago, after hailing a cab in Jerusalem and settling in for the ride, I noticed the driver’s name: Chaim Ben Attar. 

Chaim Ben Attar?!

“Are you a descendant of the holy Ohr HaChaim?” The sainted Rav Chaim ben Attar, originally of Morocco, eventually of Jerusalem, and now resting on Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives), is known


‘The Two-State Solution’: A Figment of the Western Imagination

The two-state solution—most recently advanced again by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the Negev Summit—is a figment of the Biden Administration’s imagination that has no value in pursuing a true Middle East peace. Rather, it will only cause yet more blood to flow in Israel. Based on Palestinian leaders’ pronouncements and


What Does It Mean to Remember?

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum of Porto, which opened to the public in April 2021. It is the first Holocaust museum in Portugal, supervised by the Jewish community of Porto whose relatives were victims of the Holocaust. I was in Porto for a conference and had been told to try and visit the museum. I knew the address and went looking for a


No, Secretary Blinken, Palestinian Terror Is Not ‘Senseless’

In spreading the propaganda of Jews as foreigners and land thieves,
Palestinian leaders know that nothing fires up the masses like Jerusalem.

How many times have we heard Western voices call terror acts “senseless”? We heard it again last week after a


Shemini, Self-Control and the RCBC

Editor’s note: The following is last week’s Shabbat drasha given to Rabbi Goldberg’s congregation, Young Israel of Fort Lee.

April 7 will be an exciting day for baseball fans. It’s Opening Day. In a year when a baseball strike threatened to cancel the entire season, there will be special joy in


The Russian Invasion and US-Iran Policy

Is the Biden administration ignoring the Russia-Iran connection?

Does the United States realize the relevance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to its current negotiations with Iran’s ayatollahs?

For example, the invasion exposes the


If Confronting Evil Is Right for Russia, Why Not for Iran?

Regardless of where one sits politically, it’s clear that the ‘bad bargain’ looming in Vienna would be a victory for evil and a defeat for the rest of us.

As the Biden administration rallies the free world to sanction and isolate Russia in the wake of its horrific invasion of

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