Monday, June 05, 2023


Bennett’s Gamble

So maybe Naftali Bennett knows what he’s doing after all.

Israel’s still-new prime minister has received credit from many quarters for the way he has maintained a fragile governing coalition since taking office last summer. But despite a lengthy military career (and a few short months as defense


If Putin Loses, History Wins

Here’s the encouraging news: The reaction to Putin’s aggression has been so severe and brutal he may, in fact, not prevail.

The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin’s naked aggression toward Ukraine is taking us back to more primitive times. Indeed, for most of


Can We Trust the Media to Report the Truth About a New Iran Deal?

As a partisan press continues to lose credibility, the treatment of Biden’s appeasement policy is providing yet another reason why many Americans don’t believe what journalists tell them.

By Jonathan S. Tobin/

In the spring of 2016, The New York Times Magazine published an


Jewish Institutions Shouldn’t Hire Antisemites

As far as Jessie Sander is concerned, she’s being persecuted for her “political beliefs.” She was hired by the Westchester (New York) Reform Temple last July but was fired 15 days later after the synagogue leadership was made aware of a blog post she co-authored a few months earlier when the Hamas terrorist group was raining down


My Bittersweet Goodbye

Academia is no longer a welcoming place for all opinions; instead, it’s a place that perpetuates the opinions of certain “elite” academics. While completing my first semester of my master’s degree at Tel Aviv University, I have been reflecting on my undergraduate experience at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I am so grateful


Can Iran Stall Its Way to Nuclear Weapons?

Fully destroying its nuclear program is likely to be difficult and costly.

Iran wants nuclear weapons. This rational desire aims to ensure that it can pursue its interests without fearing foreign military intervention. The United States and Israel both have rational reasons for wanting


Will Devotion to Dialogue Stop Us From Understanding Another Synagogue Attack?

The Texas hostage-taker wanted to release an antisemitic terrorist whose freedom is sought by Muslim groups. Is it Islamophobic to discuss who might have inspired the incident?

The first and most important reaction to the latest attack upon an American synagogue must be prayers of thanksgiving for the


Emma Watson Is Right

Hopefully, her declaration about the Palestinians will stimulate a serious conversation about the cruel occupation that the international community has been ignoring.

“Free Palestine!” says actress Emma Watson.

She’s right.


Lashon Hara and Abuse Cover-Ups

In the developing aftermath of the Walder debacle, there is an increasing awareness of the urgent need to speak up, loudly and unmistakably, for the victims of abuse. Together with that, and in support of that goal, is the need to speak up for the halacha, and more specifically, for the Chafetz Chaim, the most prominent spokesman for the laws of lashon hara (malicious


Archbishop Tutu and the Disturbing Power of Intersectionality

South Africa’s struggle was nothing like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but the
anti-apartheid leader’s bias showed how easily people can be led astray by such myths.

Desmond Tutu will primarily be remembered by posterity for his role as a leader in the


‘Build Back Better’ Should Not Include Discrimination

Many American Jews are about to face governmental discrimination. At least that’s what will happen to them, along with other religious people, if several offensive provisions remain in President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan and it passes (even in a modified form) despite Senator Joe Manchin’s apparent opposition at the moment.


Double-Edged Antisemitism

A scoop in the Italian daily Il Riformista reveals decades of silence
surrounding a deal to enable Palestinian terrorists to target Jews in Rome.

The October 9, 1982 Palestinian terrorist attack on the Great Synagogue of Rome, in which 2-year-old Stefano Gaj

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