Saturday, January 28, 2023


‘Bail Reform’ in New York Goes Soft on Anti-Semitic Haters

For those who think that the cause of social justice is not merely an element integral to Judaism but its main focus, this is a heady time. The Black Lives Matter movement and ideas like critical race theory have moved from the margins to the political mainstream. The notion that our societal goal should be “equity” rather than equality


Where Do We Go From Here?

The past year has been filled with challenges. With each storm cloud there is a silver lining. One of the silver linings in the Bergen County community has been the unprecedented level of communal unity. From the very beginning of the pandemic, our community has rallied together. Shuls acted in unison to close in March of 2020 and months


How Can You Help Solve the Tuition Crisis?

The “tuition crisis.” It’s a well-worn phrase in every Modern Orthodox household with school-age children. It’s a regular topic in the pages of this newspaper, and in a 2017 survey of American Modern Orthodox Jews it was ranked as the most serious problem facing the Jewish community by a wide margin.


Can Biden Fund the Palestinians Without Breaking the Law?

The administration thinks it can legally bypass the Taylor Force Act. Doing so won’t help anyone except Abbas’s corrupt thugs. But it will spite Trump.

Has the Biden administration found a way to spite its predecessor and aid the Palestinians without breaking the law? The U.S. State Department thinks


The Bitter and the Sweet

In too many homes, marror, the bitter herb, is not the most bitter thing at the Seder table. There are people who suffer from chronic negativity, who drag down those around them, and make most interactions unpleasant, often confrontational, almost always negative.

There is lots of new research


Israel’s Fourth Election in Two Years

Part I

On March 23, Israel will hold its fourth national election in two years. This is a result of political stalemate and politicking that’s placed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against most other parties, with his Likud party showing one of its lowest polling projections in


The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Joke Is the Wrong Issue

Jewish and Zionist organizations need to do some serious prioritizing. They need to realize what’s actually important, and what’s not.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

Dozens of terrorists who murdered American citizens are walking free in Palestinian


Don’t Deny Differences in the Name of Inclusion

As we approach Purim and take our annual look at its exciting tale, we meet the recently-exiled Jewish nation feeling out of sorts and unwanted, basically just doing their best to fit in.

Some nine years after participating in the king’s gala, Haman points out to Achashverosh that this nation is


We Need Purim More Than Ever

I was introduced to the fine art of Purim spoofs back in the late ‘90s when I was on the staff of the YU Commentator. More effort went into the Purim edition than any other paper we published, and often the pieces written in jest, with a comedic license not usually available to newspaper writers, were more effective at making a point than


Why Biden’s Terror Designation Reversal Won’t Change Houthi Behavior

In response to the U.S. State Department’s terrorist designation reversal, the rebels escalated attacks on civilian targets in Saudi Arabia.

The Biden administration warned Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Feb. 7 to halt terrorist attacks targeting civilians just 48 hours after


Biden Urges Democracy Abroad: Will It Apply to Palestinians?

His strong words about human rights are welcome.

Now we’ll see if he means them when it comes to one of the main offenders.

By Stephen M. Flatow

In a stirring speech last week, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke eloquently of


The GOP Isn’t Big Enough for Jews and Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republicans’ disinterest in ostracizing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an extremist who proudly peddles anti-Semitic conspiracies, is devastating for Jewish conservatives.

Despite all they disliked about him, the overwhelming majority of Jewish conservatives were ready to live with the fact that the

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