Monday, March 01, 2021


An Undivided Capital? Jerusalem’s Jewish Character Is at Stake as Israel Mulls the Capital’s Boundaries

(Makor Rishon/Exclusive to JNS) For several months now, Israel’s National Security Council has been examining multiple plans that would change the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. Each proposal tries to deal with the demographic red line toward which the city is racing at full speed: a population comprised of 60 percent Jews


With Torah Guidance, the Orthodox Union Speaks

The announcement by the Orthodox Union leadership to enforce in stages the decision of their rabbinic panel on the unacceptability of female clergy is welcome, timely, prudent, proper and, in today’s environment, courageous. For sure, one would think that “courage” is not required to follow a rabbinic psak; after all, that is


Jews and Poles Don’t Need to Be Enemies

(JNS) Jews and Poles spent most of the first half of the 20th century at each other’s throats. Must they continue on the same destructive path as we head further into the 21st century?

If you’ve been following the pointless controversy engendered by a foolish new law about the Holocaust that was recently passed by the Polish parliament, your answer


Jerusalem: Our Eternal Capital

As the delegation from the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations met in the cabinet room, President Clinton turned to me, waiting for a question.

“Mr. President, allow me to read something to you. ‘I believe we should move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.’ Sir, those are


We All Have a Responsibility to Our Core Jewish Values

“…Morally speaking, there is no limit to the concern one must feel for the suffering of human beings…that indifference to evil is worse than evil itself and that in a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.”—Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Like all Americans,


Response from Rabbi Rothwachs: On Substance Abuse, Parenting Doesn't End With Open Dialogue

I applaud The Jewish Link for addressing the issue of substance and alcohol abuse in the yeshiva community, one of both profound and critical importance. As the 


Response from Rabbi Pruzansky: Changing My Mind on School Expulsions

For some time now, we have heard that many of our youth are in a bad way— drinking,


Bigoted Bedfellows: American Muslim Groups AMP and CAIR

On Dec. 8, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) held a protest in front of the White House, reacting to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The featured speaker was Imam Omar Suleiman, who also led Friday prayers. Suleiman is a notorious bigot who has called homosexuality a


Ending the Silence on Abuse

In the past two months, the avalanche of stories about sexual abuse and harassment has touched virtually every sector of American society. The revelations about deeply troubling behavior on the part of politicians, journalists and figures in the entertainment world have transfixed the country. As more victims come forward to tell


Hebrew Institute of Riverdale Will Conform to OU Standards for Announcing Unions

Last week, Rabbi Yair Hoffman, in an article for the Five Towns Jewish Times, reported that Rabbi Eytan Feiner of the White Shul in Far Rockway, Queens, had issued remarks condemning the much-publicized act of wishing official mazel tovs (in shul publications and from the bimah) to people


The Teaneck Property Tax Burden Should Be Equitable

With the uproar in New Jersey over the possible elimination of federal tax deductions for state and local property taxes, you would think the inequities in the property tax burdens in Teaneck would create more outrage.

While New Jersey is certain to face property tax increases after years of a 2


Yeshiva Teachers Could Be Impacted by House Tax Proposal

Yeshiva teachers could face a significant tax increase under the House of Representatives current tax bill proposal. The statute, which was expected to be voted on by the House after this article went to press, eliminates section 117(d) of Title 26 of the United States code. That section declares that “gross income shall not include any