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Israel’s Security and Unintended Consequences

When in 1942 American General Douglas MacArthur took command of the defense of Australia against imminent Japanese invasion, one of the plans he rejected was to withdraw and fight behind the Brisbane line, a move that would have given large swathes of territory to the Japanese.

Instead, he adopted a


Why I Became a Republican

I remember it like it was yesterday. November 7, 2000. Gore versus Bush. Our Vice President, with a strong history of support for Israel, versus the son of a former President with a controversial U.S.-Israel record.

When “W” was eventually declared the 43rd President of United States, I was deeply


I Am a Democrat Because I am Jewish

People often ask me how the values I learned as a Jewish woman affect my everyday life and my public service responsibilities. And then they often ask why I am such a passionate Democrat.

When we speak of standing by Israel, we Democrats cherish Harry Truman, our President who recognized Israel; our late


Klinghoffer at the Met: Stifling the Exchange of Ideas

On Monday night I went to the Metropolitan Opera. I went for two reasons: to see and hear John Adams’ controversial opera, The Death of Klinghoffer; and to see and hear what those protesting the Met’s judgment in presenting the opera had to say. Peter Gelb, the head of the Met Opera, had advised people to see it for themselves and then


The “Feminist” Agenda

In the 40 years I have spoken out about agunah, child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence issues, the male leadership dismissed me as a feminist with an agenda, and the women were too intimidated to act. Some rabbis did pay attention: Rabbis like Emanuel Rackman, Shaul Berman, Shmuel Goldin, Yossi Adler and Shlomo Riskin…all of them


How Many Day School Administrators Does It Take to…

At a Chanukah play at one of my grandchildren’s schools, an assistant principal attempted to light a menorah on stage. As she fumbled with the matches, a second assistant principal bounded up to the stage to lend moral support. Finally, as the candle was about to be lit, the head of school also came on stage to assist and stand next to


Does She Understand? I Think She Does

I love my family. That includes my extended family, too. Even when there is substantial disagreement between us. As is the case with is my cousin, Elana Maryles Sztokman.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Elana is an unapologetic Orthodox Jewish Feminist. While I too consider myself to be a feminist,


Why Politicians Shouldn’t Exploit the Holocaust

(This appeared recently on i24news.tv)

It is only natural that Israeli Jewish society–and Jewish society everywhere–is traumatized. One-third of the Jewish people were murdered by Nazi Germany and its allies, supporters and collaborators in World War II. Politics, culture, and other spheres of life are vitally influenced by the Holocaust. Politicians draw


Arrest Made in Temple University Assault

Englewood mayor Michael Wildes, attorney for a Jewish student at Temple University who was attacked during a student fair, told JLBC there was an arrest made in the incident this week, and the individual has been charged with assault. However, the District Attorney’s office decided not to characterize it as a hate crime,

Daniel Vessal said he was punched


Dramatic Verdict: Holot Detention Facility Will be Closed

In a dramatic decision this evening (Monday), the Supreme Court, in a majority ruling of six judges, changed the “Prevention of Infiltration Law” and ruled that it would no longer be possible to incarcerate asylum-seekers without a trial. The judges also decided to close the Holot detention facility within 3 months.

To this day, the law,


How to Get Sunnis to Turn Against ISIS

A “Son of Iraq” Speaks Out

From 2006-8, I led the Sunni Awakening in Baghdad, efficiently eliminating many security threats to the citizens of Iraq’s capital city.

It is work of which I am proud. This on-the-ground push by local Iraqis proved to be critical to the success of the U.S.


Perspectives of a Survivor

The address given at the Anti-Abuse Panel Discussion Held at Rinat Yisrael on September 14, 2014

I am going to leave the analysis of the phenomenon and the detailing of best practices on abuse prevention and victim support to the real experts. Instead I will be sharing my own story–both my experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and my experiences

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