Saturday, June 03, 2023


A Nation Divided About Netanyahu, Not the Peace Process

A fundamental shift in Israeli politics ought to make “national unity” coalition possible were it not for the debate about the country’s “indispensable man.”

The answer as to who will govern Israel now seems to rest in the hands of a few politicians playing a game of “chicken”


When the Walls Fell



Except for the day of 9/11, I have never felt as broken as an SAR teacher as I did this week. But I have never felt prouder either.

I have been teaching Judaic studies at SAR Academy for over 20 years. I remember the atmosphere on the day the Twin Towers came down, when we were staggering around, seeking


Israel Has Every Right to Block Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Not even we believe people are entitled to visit simply because they demand it.

Israeli officials have decided to block U.S. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from entering their country, a reversal of policy that President Donald Trump seems to have prompted.


The More Things Change: Israel and Intersectionality

In an earlier column, I noted how common it is for people to act as though history begins with the present, and to lack perspective on the issues we face in the Jewish community and on college campuses. Way back in 1986, I observed that, like today, the most vociferous detractors of Israel were not Arab students, but members of other


Hamas, Islamic Jihad: ‘The Circle of Fire Is Expanding’

As Egypt, the United Nations and other parties are pursuing their efforts to prevent an all-out military confrontation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and its allies are forging ahead in their development of various types of weapons with which to attack Israel.

The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad, the


Does Israel Need More Allies Than Just America?

A new Likud Party advertisement has generated a fair amount of attention in the Israeli press. On the outer walls of the party’s Tel Aviv headquarters, banners hang 10 stories down depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands with President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister


The Troubling Hypocrisy of Omar, Tlaib and AOC

These are extraordinary political times by any measure. The spectacle of the press conference just held by the so-called “squad” of freshmen members of Congress to rail against the President’s latest tweets denouncing them as haters was truly a singular event, though, even in this environment.


IfNotNow Seeks to Turn Dems Against Israel

Last week, a little-known group made national waves when they posted a video of two of their members making a request of presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren at a public-event photo op. The group was the virulently anti-Zionistic IfNotNow, and the request was, “We’d really love it if you also pushed the Israeli government to


The Rebbe Fought Anti-Semitism by Spreading Pro-Semitism

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, z”tl, showed the world a Judaism that is hard to hate.

We take it for granted that the way to address the evil of anti-Semitism is to fight it. It’s a natural part of our vocabulary. We fight, we confront, we condemn, we call out. We refuse to stand idly by. All of


A Sledgehammer Blow Didn’t ‘Judaize’ Jerusalem or Kill the Peace Process

The real problem is the Palestinian denial of Jewish history, not the presence of America’s ambassador at the unveiling of a biblical archaeological site.

The critics are right about U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s presence at the ceremonial opening of Jerusalem’s “Pilgrimage


Let’s Mitigate the Fiasco in Highland Park

Imagine that a supporter of a movement considered racist by many African-Americans wrote a children’s book designed to spread that movement’s ideas among the young and impressionable. Now imagine that this individual was invited to present the book at a reading in a small town’s public library. Not any town, but one with a


It’s More Than Just a Parade for Israel

They come from all over the greater New York area and around the United States. Tens of thousands of Jews (and non-Jews) gather once a year in New York City to march down Fifth Avenue to express their love for Israel. The annual “Celebrate Israel” parade started small 55 years ago, but it’s now one of the Big Apple’s grand

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