Thursday, July 09, 2020


A Lesson for the Jews—From ‘The Waltons’

The passing of a television writer is not the sort of event that usually raises questions about the future of American society. But the recent death of Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the 1970s series “The Waltons,” coming as it does in the midst of an exceptionally tumultuous political season, invites fresh consideration of the state of


Piece of Broken Glass Ruins Palestinian Cause

Ordinarily, a piece of broken glass lying on the ground is unsightly litter at best, a danger to bare feet and pets at worst. But not in the Middle East—there a piece of broken glass has the power to ruin decades of political propaganda. Pro-Palestinian propaganda, that is.

Case in point: this


Preparing the Next Generation for Jewish Communal Advocacy

I was a lucky one. While I had little if any substantive knowledge of the forces that drive public policy matters that any Jew would be concerned about, I did have a burning desire to somehow make a difference. I was 21, a Brooklyn College junior, who believed that he was a political maven, and compared to my contemporaries I might very


Who Is Really Endangering the Future of Judaism in Israel?

Every Friday night, I help run a “Carlebach” service in Beit Shemesh. It’s a unique service that brings together Jews from all backgrounds to pray, sing and dance on a weekly basis. While closing up the synagogue this past Friday night, a Hasidic man in his early 30s who was at this service for the first time approached me


Remembering to Fight Anti-Semitism With Passion

Almost six months ago I left my position at a major private-sector firm to join the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Having previously spent over 15 years in government I believed that I had demonstrated a dedication for public service bestowed upon me largely through the legacy of my grandfather, who besides running a lighting business


EL AL Airlines Offers Special Summer Fares to Israel

New YorkFor warm weather, pristine beaches and unrivaled scenery this summer, EL AL Israel Airlines is providing travelers with excellent savings. The special round-trip fares are $1,299 from New York (JFK/Newark) and Boston for departures June 16 through August 18 (all taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges are included).


Standing in Unity With Israel, Flaws and All

Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut—Independence Day—is particularly meaningful to my family. My uncle brought his family to the country from Poland in 1936, and he and my aunt fought on the streets of Tel Aviv in the War of Independence in 1948. My grandmother’s sister and her husband escaped the Nazis, making aliyah in the 1930s.


Scapegoating Their Own Jewish Community

The Jewish far left has become a more frequent and increasingly louder voice in the growing chorus against Israel within the growing extreme liberal camp.

The following illustrations hardly tell the whole story.

Last month’s protest two days before Passover by a


Modern Orthodoxy Derailed—Time to Return to the Station

The train has derailed, but no one knows why. Far too much time and effort have been invested trying to hoist the railcars back up and onto the tracks, but it is not really helping.

The train is called Modern Orthodoxy, and it is clear that it has partially derailed. Disaffected and disillusioned


Support the Secure Schools for All Children Act

There’s an old saying that “you can’t put a price on safety.”

While true in the abstract, the state of New Jersey puts a price on the safety of our school children each and every year.

As part of New Jersey’s budget, our state government allocates an average


The ‘Palestinian’ Lie

In the early 1990s, the Government of Israel took what remains as the single greatest risk for peace and security since the State’s independence in 1948. The gamble failed miserably. Israelis—and Jews around the world—continue to pay the price—perhaps most spectacularly in the rise of the international BDS movement specifically, and


An Israeli’s Perspective on the Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Tel Aviv-Yafo—I woke up last Thursday morning to the news of another terrorist attack. Trying to avoid the all-too-easy jaded response of “not again,” I instead tried to think about this from the perspective of an outsider, imagining the headlines if this atrocity had happened in a different country: Four dead in a shooting in a