Friday, March 31, 2023


Lashon Hara and Abuse Cover-Ups

In the developing aftermath of the Walder debacle, there is an increasing awareness of the urgent need to speak up, loudly and unmistakably, for the victims of abuse. Together with that, and in support of that goal, is the need to speak up for the halacha, and more specifically, for the Chafetz Chaim, the most prominent spokesman for the laws of lashon hara (malicious


Archbishop Tutu and the Disturbing Power of Intersectionality

South Africa’s struggle was nothing like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but the
anti-apartheid leader’s bias showed how easily people can be led astray by such myths.

Desmond Tutu will primarily be remembered by posterity for his role as a leader in the


‘Build Back Better’ Should Not Include Discrimination

Many American Jews are about to face governmental discrimination. At least that’s what will happen to them, along with other religious people, if several offensive provisions remain in President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan and it passes (even in a modified form) despite Senator Joe Manchin’s apparent opposition at the moment.


Double-Edged Antisemitism

A scoop in the Italian daily Il Riformista reveals decades of silence
surrounding a deal to enable Palestinian terrorists to target Jews in Rome.

The October 9, 1982 Palestinian terrorist attack on the Great Synagogue of Rome, in which 2-year-old Stefano Gaj


Do the Special Israel-Diaspora Ties Go Both Ways?

Joke currently making the rounds in Israel: Woman calls her doctor and says, “When is corona finally going to be over?” Doctor replies, “What do I look like–a politician?!”

For nearly two years, every world leader has faced a monumental challenge in contending with corona,


This Is the Greatest Threat to the Jewish Community

The greatest threat facing the Jewish community is getting the least attention.

Communal concern regarding antisemitism and the threat of physical violence against Jewish institutions and individuals has grown dramatically, and for good reason. The horrific attacks of 9/11, the killings at synagogues in


A Terrorist Shatters All the Stereotypes About Terrorists

Before this latest horrible attack and the name of its dead victim—Eliyahu Kay, a 26-year-old immigrant from South Africa—fade from the news, let us at least learn one important lesson.

At first, it might seem as though Sunday’s attack in Jerusalem’s Old City was just another


Editorializing for Hamas

How an opinion piece in the student newspaper at the University
of Connecticut exposes what is wrong in the debate about Israel.

When Elmer Davis, director of FDR’s Office of War Information, observed that “ … you cannot do much with people who are


Is There a Future in Bipartisan Advocacy for Israel?

Nikki Haley’s demand that AIPAC snub Democrats who aren’t fully supportive of Israel won GOP applause. Still, efforts to preserve or revive what’s left of a shattered consensus must continue.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was


Neo-Nazis Are Not a Political Metaphor

A dirty trick backfired. But the willingness to excuse using the frightening images of Charlottesville as a partisan ploy makes a mockery of discourse on antisemitism.

All may be fair in love, war and politics, but you have to wonder about the astonishingly poor judgment of the


It’s About Time: The Mindset on Voting Is Shifting

You already know a remarkable group of influencers who help earn hundreds of millions of dollars for New York and New Jersey’s Jewish communities. Their names don’t adorn buildings or scholarship funds and they are not the honorees at the next gala dinner. Who are these influencers? You, our voters.


Some Ideas Must Be Debated, But Not Historical Facts

Some Jewish liberals say that they saw this coming. There were those who believed that the movement to stop the teaching of critical race theory in the schools was bound to negatively impact teaching about the Holocaust. They claim that those fears were vindicated by the comments of a Texas educator in Southlake, Texas, who was taped

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