Thursday, May 28, 2020

Jason Bernstein wanted to enjoy his beautiful backyard during the summer months, but so did the mosquitoes. He paid a company to spray but the results were ineffective, and he had no idea what kind of chemicals were left in the air or on his lawn. A friend had a similar problem: biting flies severely limited his family’s time in their swimming pool.

As a businessman, Bernstein knew there had to be a better solution, and he found it. He discovered a completely organic product that gets the job done without harsh chemicals. He tested it himself by purchasing mosquitos from a supplier to aquariums and keeping them in a very enclosed tank with just a small opening for the spray. Game over for the bugs. He tested it again by only spraying one-half of the tank. The mosquitos in the non-sprayed half got the message and stayed away. Bernstein and his friend bought into the company, which had sold only to installers of sprinkler systems and modified the system for purchase by homeowners.

“Our goal was to provide an organic pesticide that eliminates and repels any insect that would make you not want to be outside,” said Bernstein. “We have families, and we didn’t want to spray poisons.” Sprinkler Magician is certified by Green Globe to control pests with all natural organic products that are safe for the environment.

Sprinkler Magician works by connecting directly to a homeowner’s sprinkler system. The product is a mix of natural oils including lemongrass, citronella, garlic and cedarwood that combines with another ingredient so it sticks to the bugs and suffocates them. The homeowner programs the Sprinkler Magician and creates a “bubble” around the property that can be smelled by humans for about an hour and by bugs for a week and a half to two weeks. It’s like an olfactory do-not-enter sign to insects. Bernstein said dawn or dusk are the best times to spray and he recommended re-spraying after rain or as insurance before an outdoor party. The homeowner can spray wherever they want by pushing the button. The organic concentrate will kill ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies and other uninvited summertime insects. The Sprinkler Magician can be used with organic fertilizer to enhance your landscaping as well as keep your property bug free.

Bernstein said he has an initial meeting with homeowners who purchase the system along with the installers of their sprinkler systems. After installation, the homeowner takes control. Homeowners who do not have an inground sprinkler system can also purchase the product to spray manually.

All products are available from Amazon, Home Depot and the Sprinkler Magician website. Call 1-516-341-1001 and mention The Jewish Link for the best price. For more information about the products, visit www.mosquitomagician.com.