Monday, January 25, 2021

Scientists are taking a closer look at indoor ventilation as a culprit in transmitting COVID-19, according to a September 1 report in The Wall Street Journal. Researchers say air should be cleaned to prevent virus particles from circulating and reaching new targets. Jacob Finkel, a heating and air conditioning specialist and owner of Jacob’s Ladder HVAC, learned about air purification systems that eliminate viruses, germs and allergens shortly after the pandemic hit, and quickly began installing them in homes. He is using Reme Halo and iWave-R, systems that have been tested and found to successfully eliminate flu, MRSA, salmonella, staph, strep and listeria. They also remove smoke, ozone, formaldehyde, pet dander and odors, mold and yeast. The iWave-R, a newer product, was specifically tested against the novel coronavirus and successfully eliminated almost 100% of the virus particles.

These air purification systems use bipolar ionization, which means equal amounts of positive and negative ions, to turn pollutants and gases into harmless compounds and remove the hydrogen molecules from viruses, bacteria and mold, which deprives them of the energy they need to live. The process is similar to how a storm freshens air outdoors—without the rain of course.


“It feels like breathing fresh air,” said Finkel. Air purification works through central air conditioning. It groups small particles together so they are more effectively caught by filters. Most homes have filters with what is known as a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rating of around 8. An air purification system upgrades it by 5 so it is equivalent to a MERV 13, considered a top standard. Air purification systems also purify and sanitize the duct work in central air conditioning systems that may harbor germs and viruses. They can be activated year-round by using the fan in central air without cooling.

Finkel has just completed installing an iWave-R system at Yavneh Academy in Paramus. Rabbi Steven Penn, associate head of school and lower school principal, said he learned about iWave when he called Finkel about an emergency A/C problem at his home. After coming right away and fixing the unit, Finkel talked about the air purification systems he was installing. Rabbi Penn did his own research, as the school had been looking at ways to make the building safer and healthier, and learned that bipolar ionization was a verified method of attacking viruses in the air.

“After consulting with mechanical engineers and HVAC specialists, we realized this was a safety measure we needed to take,” he said. Finkel installed five units to service the school.

Eliminating allergens is another benefit of air purification. If you have allergies, you know a good night’s sleep is nothing to sneeze at. Finkel is getting great feedback from his clients with allergies who have installed Reme Halo or iWave-R. One family said they are all sleeping better now. Another person with allergies said she has given up her Claritin allergy medication since having the system installed. A couple told him their son hasn’t needed his inhaler since he put in the system.

Jacob’s Ladder has been growing through referrals by friends and neighbors. Finkel lives in Teaneck, where he grew up, with his wife and baby. He is becoming known for his meticulous honesty and willingness to be available whenever needed, except Shabbat and Yom Tov, including Sundays and nights until 10 p.m., with no additional fees.

For more information about purchasing and installing an air purification system from Jacob’s Ladder, or to ask about heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance services, email [email protected].