Wednesday, May 12, 2021

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Most realtors in Israel are people who deal in a localized neighborhood or city. Then there are larger firms that operate on a more national basis. Tivuch Shelly offers the best combination of both worlds: the advantage of a realtor who is intimately familiar with specific areas, and a broad scope that offers potential customers a wide choice of selected cities.

When it comes to a major purchase involving the commitment of a large sum of money, trust is a big factor. There has to be trust in the product one is buying and in the seller. Trust is something that is not for sale; it is earned. It comes from establishing a solid reputation built over a period of time and through supplying consistent, reliable service with careful attention to personal needs and tastes.

Tivuch Shelly is a company with proven credentials of integrity and reliability. Tivuch Shelly is headed by Shelly Levine, a veteran olah from the U.S. who has built communities and sold more than 4,000 housing units in Israel over the past 30-plus years. Shelly has sold to new olim and veteran Israelis, focusing on Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in, Tel Aviv and more. She understands what people want in their homes, and makes sure, together with the developer, that they get it. Shelly works with the client from first contact to completion, including personal assistance in securing mortgages on the best possible terms. In addition, Shelly works only with developers with established reputations for excellence.

Tivuch Shelly offers a variety of real estate options, to settle in or use as an investment in an assortment of locations, at different price levels and with varying occupancy schedules. In total: a mix that offers something for just about everyone!

Here is a sample of Tivuch Shelly’s current projects:



The Shechter Group is now building Shechter B’Ramot, an upscale gated community, with three-, four- and five-bedroom and garden apartments. It will include all the necessary public facilities such as a shul, a spacious event hall for residents, and a park with playgrounds. The planners focused on a style of closed environment that offers quiet and tranquility for the residents, while ensuring that all public needs are easily accessible.

The project is located near the established community of Jerusalem’s Ramot Aleph, with its many shuls, excellent educational institutions, shopping (Ramot Mall), public facilities, public transportation and everything else that a religious community needs. Each apartment has a sukkah balcony and includes air conditioning, underground parking and more. The unique location of the neighborhood makes it possible to reach the central locations of Jerusalem quickly and easily, and direct access to out-of-town locations.

Hanevi’im Street:

A long-term apartment project in Jerusalem is Song of the Prophets on Hanevi’im (Prophets) Street in downtown Jerusalem, bridging the seam between the centuries-old walled city and the new dynamic city of the present day. The new, low-rise building project with apartments ranging in size from two to five rooms, is in walking distance of the Old City, Western Wall, and the bustling downtown streets of Jerusalem, Mahane Yehuda Market, and steps away from just about every major public transportation line in the city. Song of the Prophets on Hanevi’im Street puts one literally into the heart of the Holy City and is being offered at a great price.

Arnona Place:

For those looking for housing now in one of Jerusalem’s newest, most dynamic and fastest-growing areas, there is Arnona Place, an ultra-modern, three-building development in the city’s Arnona neighborhood, where many people, both native-born Israelis and olim, are moving. Arnona Place offers all of the conveniences of state- of- the-art housing, including underground parking and a spacious open plaza, as well as a location along one of Jerusalem’s major public transportation routes. Only a few units are still available as long-term rentals.

Tel Aviv:

In an advanced planning stage is Gabay Place in the heart of Tel Aviv, a complex of modern high-rise buildings that presents a unique opportunity to invest in the pulsating life of Israel’s vibrant commercial and cultural center that literally is changing before one’s eyes, with growing steel and glass towers in every direction. Gabay Place provides a chance to “get in on the ground (price) floor” by buying into this exciting environment with only a 7% payment required on registration, 13% after two years, and the balance of 80% only upon completion.

Beit Shemesh:

A brand new project, Tzur Shamir, in Ramat Beit Shemesh. includes 174 units in five luxurious buildings: three-, four- and five-room apartments with balconies and/or gardens, and penthouses facing sweeping views. More than 90 units have already been sold, and every day more people are showing interest in this growing neighborhood.

Ma’ale Adumim:

Next year will see the start of another new high-rise housing and shopping development in Ma’ale Adumim. Adumim Towers will include a shul, fitness center, parks, communal and commercial areas. This is another step forward for this convenient suburb of Jerusalem, offering everything that one can want in terms of educational opportunities, shopping and convenient transport.

Call for more information: Shelly at 646-704-1185/050-7264376/[email protected], Aliza at 050-6325882/[email protected], or online at https://tivuchshelly.com.