Friday, February 26, 2021

(Courtesy of Brandpoint) Whether you’re preserving a treasured hand-me-down, caring for an expensive sweater or just trying to maintain that perfect outfit, the right cleaning steps can keep your favorite clothing looking and feeling better.

A key solution? Choosing the right tools, additives and procedures to care for your most favored wardrobe items.

Unsure what you can be doing to better care for your favorite wardrobe? Consider the following five tips for a laundry process designed to work in your favor.

1. Address stains early.

If you spill something on a treasured garment, immediately blot the spot with a clean white cloth. If the clothing label allows for machine washing, apply a spot treatment ASAP, following the specific directions provided. Once the garment is washed, check to ensure the spot is completely gone before moving it to your dryer; otherwise, the additional heat could further set any remaining stain.

2. Choose the right machine.

All washers are not created equal. It’s worth shopping around for a model that features the technology you need to get the job done faster and more effectively. Front-load washers are undoubtedly the best on clothes.

3. Prep garments for washing.

Instead of tossing in your clothing indiscriminately, you’ll want to minimize the chances of snagging, pilling or other abrasions by zipping zippers and closing buckles, snaps, hooks and Velcro strips. Buttons are the exception; they should be left unbuttoned to prevent them from coming loose and to keep buttonholes from stretching. You may also wish to turn delicate items inside out and/or place them in mesh bags to prevent them from mingling with rougher or heavier-duty items.

4. Give whites special treatment.

Your sturdier whites can best be kept bright by washing them separately in hot water with bleach. More delicate whites may be safely lightened via a half-cup of white vinegar pre-diluted in a gallon of water and added to your wash cycle; others may respond well to being naturally dried in the sun.

5. Customize settings.

Many consumers don’t take time to fully utilize the settings on their washing machines that are intended for gentler care of delicate or fragile garments. If your clothing could be misshapen or shrunken by too much heat, wringing or agitation, you’ll want to pick the “delicate” or “hand wash” settings, opt for a cold-water wash and allow it to air dry instead of going through the dryer. As a general rule, hot water should be used for white loads, warm for average loads and cold for bright colors. You can also use the LG Styler to refresh garments. Using the power of steam, the LG Styler reduces odors and allergens on clothes for the perfect refresh.

Knowing how to best clean your favorite wardrobe items will help ensure they’ll last for as long as you want to wear them. Take time to learn laundry basics so you can enjoy your top picks well into the future. Find more laundry tips and information on the best possible laundry equipment for your needs at www.LG.com.