Thursday, April 15, 2021

Purchasing a home is an important (and sometimes very difficult) phase in life. With the thousands of available properties listed for sale, one may think it comes down to a simple task of choosing one of them. However, finding the right property can be quite tricky and very time-consuming, not to talk about the heartbreaks endured during the process. The easiest way of finding the best property for you is by making use of a real estate agent. Most real estate agents have vast experience in helping hundreds of people find their dream homes, so hiring one seems like the best place to start this journey. Here are a few other benefits of using real estate agents when purchasing a home.

Code of Ethics

Real estate agents are held to a code of ethics that requires them to put the needs of their clients above their personal needs and to disclose any information that may influence the buyer’s opinion of his desired property. This essentially means that real estate agents have your best interests at heart and are working for the sole purpose of helping their clients find their desired homes. Understandably, a few unprofessional agents may have tarnished the general notion people have of real estate agents, but there are thousands of others out there who will go the extra mile to help you realize your goals.

No Fees Paid

Quite contrary to public opinion, buyers do not usually pay for the real estate agent’s commission. This is more often than not paid by the seller of the property. The amount often represents a percentage of the selling value of the property and is later on split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. On rare situations, provisions may be made in the listing agreement for the fees to be shared between buyer and seller. This is very uncommon, though, and very unlikely to happen.

Professional Experience

Most real estate agents have had prior experience in selling homes. They understand the type of property their buyers are looking for as well as the accessories their immediate surroundings (or the neighborhood) has to offer such as schools and medical care centers. They can easily guide you to the ideal neighborhoods that can provide you with the type of property you want. Equally, most real estate agents have had some experience in negotiating and can keep a cool head and strike a hard bargain when needed the most.


Finding the right property can be very time-consuming, not to mention monotonous and stressful. Without knowing the right search parameter, buyers could easily be misled and may end up wasting too much of their time inspecting the wrong properties. Using a real estate agent takes this burden away. They have already amassed so much knowledge and have the right tools and information to guide you properly.

Closing Issues

It is not uncommon to hear of several real estate deals that have broken down in the final stages of negotiations due to very trivial issues. Real estate agents know which issues to fuss over, such as requesting repairs and maintenance, as well as check for any problems in the contract that may result in problems such as unclear titles or mortgage delays. Real estate agents equally keep records of their past transactions with clients, once again guaranteeing their clients of future coverage from any possible future repercussions.

Adina Grossman is a realtor in Bergen County. She works with her real estate partner and sister -in-law Malka Abrahams. Both are residents of Bergen County with extensive knowledge of the area. They are committed to educating their clients and guiding them through both the buying and selling process. For all your real estate needs, call Adina at 917-405-0094 or email at [email protected]