Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Muscle Movers is a new and upcoming moving company started by the Lipner brothers, Eli and Dovid. From a young age, the Lipner brothers always enjoyed doing odd jobs and helping out family and friends. Over time their reputations grew and eventually they became well known and highly recommended throughout the Bergen Jewish community. Through their tenure at Yeshiva University, they continued performing jobs for the YU community and beyond. After graduating from YU, Dovid knew he wanted to start his own moving company. “It was a passion of mine since I was young and only grew stronger as I got older,”he said. Before starting the business he wanted to develop a better understanding of some of the more technical aspects of the moving industry. He decided to work for a few other professional moving companies in the industry.

“Partnering with Eli was a strategic decision. I focus on performing the actual moves, while Eli handles the accounting, marketing and behind the scenes work” explained Dovid. Together they have already grown the business and are expanding into other communities in the greater New York area.

When asked what makes Muscle Movers stand out from the rest, Eli explained: “We’re completely transparent with all of our clients. We’re quick to respond and very up-front with the price. Many other companies we’ve seen and heard about may give one price and then add on additional costs.”

Dovid added: “Many companies have hidden fees. [We offer] a flat rate with zero hidden fees.”

Eli noted with pride that “we have never received a bad review. Our customers have been very happy. We’re very careful with people’s property, protecting all furniture. Our movers are highly trained, and we buy some of the best equipment we can find and make sure we’re prioritizing the client’s items.”

To hire the Muscle Movers, contact 551-697-3515 or email them at [email protected] Visit their website Themusclemovers.com and Instagram page @muscle__movers.