Monday, January 24, 2022

If Family Feud were to ask the question “When is a family happiest in their home?” the top 5 answers would have to include the following: scenes of families sitting around the table having Thanksgiving dinner, loved ones gathered around a fire sipping hot apple cider and brandy followed by children raking leaves into mountainous piles only to be jumped on and flattened by those same children with their shouts of joy.

As early fall is upon us and the reds and yellows of changing leaves color the streets of Bergen County, I ponder this “traditionally” slower time of year for the real estate market. Sure the bursts of color we find in spring and the signs of life emerging all around both from the trees above to the green grass and flowers below are energizing and signal to all that it’s time to come out and look at homes. However, it’s autumn and the coming of winter is the time when our homes really take center stage and shine.

Now this is the time to see a house!

I moved into my current home in Teaneck 35 years ago on a sunny fall day and those first memories of seeing the moving trucks pulling up in front of the house with the backdrop of a giant oak tree lit up by the sun were just surreal. I will never forget the oranges and reds of the branches all swaying gently in unison, opening at times just enough to let rays of sun rush through. I am lucky enough to have two fireplaces in our home and starting in November there is nothing more hypnotic than hearing the crackling fire with the backdrop of classical music (or jazz).

It may not be the traditional time to buy or sell your house but nothing says home more than a sunny autumn day.

So come on down and check out the inventory while “the price is right!” Interest rates are still holding and there is time enough to close on your dream home (or close to it) and catch sight of the first snowflakes as they fall outside your new kitchen windows!

Nechama Polak is owner and broker of record of V and N Group LLC located at 1401 Palisade Ave in Teaneck. [email protected] 201 826 8809.

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