Friday, January 28, 2022

(Courtesy of BIU) Young adults interested in pursuing higher education in Israel will now be able to study in English at the highest academic level possible at Bar Ilan University’s International Program.

Learn all about the program, courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, student life on campus, tuition, scholarship opportunities and more at the Great Israeli Real Estate Event on Sunday, November 14.

“We know that very often, people have the desire to study in Israel but they don’t want to compromise on academic standards [to be] able to study in English,” said Ofer Dahan, executive director of Bar Ilan University’s International School. “At BIU, students can have both! That’s why we’re coming to New York to meet with young adults and to help them find the degree course that suits them best.”

The Great Event will feature representatives from a huge variety of companies and organizations, including land developers, realtors, aliyah consultants, international movers, legal experts, financial consultants and more. All are experts who have a wealth of information on everything connected to investment in Israel, education and aliyah. In addition, special forums will be held to discuss different cities and communities across Israel where there are English-speaking enclaves.

Don’t miss this unique event! Prepare your questions and get all the answers.

For more information and free registration visit: https://realestateisrael.org/.

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