Friday, January 28, 2022

Summer just ended, it can’t be Thanksgiving already, can it? But really, let’s talk turkey: Teaneck wild turkey, that is. For a number of hours last Sunday, and intermittently since, a beautiful 15-18 pounder was seen strutting its stuff in the middle of Windsor Road, near Churchill, while drivers drove around it, gobbling politely. Later, it was seen jumping on parked cars, traipsing about in West Englewood on Rugby and Emerson. JLBC reporter Lisa Matkowsky captured an amazing picture of it on top of a car. JLBC intern Rivka Hia asked whether the fowl play stopped the driver from driving, cold turkey, or if the car was already parked. Good question. We may never know.

But, with only speculation and no concrete information about where it came from (World of Wings) or where it went since (the Teaneck Doghouse), the West Englewood neighborhood turkey was our inspiration for the Jewish Link’s first ever caption contest on Facebook. Captions worthy of honorable mention: “Quick, let’s eat it before the President pardons it,” and “Competition by butchers is clearly getting out of hand.”

No cranberry sauce was harmed in the writing of this news story. We can’t say the same for the sweet potatoes, because we ate them. Sorry, did you want some? I’ll make more.

Congrats to Carly Kohlhagen for providing the winning caption.

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