Monday, January 24, 2022

“A recent survey found that 86% of home seekers find photos to be the most useful feature online when it comes to real estate.”

Today, buyers are busier than ever and rarely find the opportunity to “drive-by” a home or attend an open house. Instead, the first impression buyers most often get of their “dream home” is from photos that accompany an online listing.

News Flash! – Buyers want to see more than just the front of a house. Here are some focus areas to make prospects jump on the opportunity to see your property – choose the best rooms to showcase!

Living Room – living room shots are all about staging tactics. This is perhaps the best space where staging can truly pay off. Know your buyers! – make sure you target your ideal buyer with the right accessories and furniture that are appealing to them.

Master Bedroom – the bedroom is where you spend a third of your life–make it special! Capturing the dimensions and size of the room are key. Make sure to clear away all the clutter to highlight the natural features of the room.

Bathrooms – this space tends to be powerful in creating interest in home buyers. Make the space look luxurious and pay attention to small details. Much like jewelry can bring an outfit together, consider some shots which highlight fixtures and features that really bring the space together.

Kitchen – an integral part to entertaining and a focal piece for many families, the kitchen is where we spend much of our time. Just a few minor details to go by–get rid of the clutter, highlight any updated appliances, cabinets or counter tops and add a decorative piece, whether a fruit bowl or plant, for the best shots!

By Aleshia Jijon

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