Tuesday, March 28, 2023

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) “I want to live in Jerusalem, but I am not sure where to settle.”

This is something we hear quite often.

Over the past 30-plus years, Tivuch Shelly has had the privilege to take part in building up the historic city of Jerusalem. We are always searching to find the “right” projects to suit the varied needs and budgets of our clients. Jerusalem may be small, but it comprises many different neighborhoods. When looking for the “right neighborhood,” you must take into account your finances, type of community desired, religious preferences and location.

To help answer your questions, read on and gain a clearer understanding of the various locations in Jerusalem that we are currently promoting. We have a project for everyone!

Our Ha’Nevi’im St. project, which is high-end and almost completely sold, is a short walk to the old city, Kotel and city center. With much success in this area, we are now selling apartments in a new luxury project in the city center.

For those who are looking beyond the city center, we are pleased to announce that a highly sought-after project in New Katamon, in a gentrified area in Jerusalem, is more affordable, a great investment, and a community that will thrive. These units consist of large 1-3 bedroom apartments, garden apartments and penthouses, close to culture, employment, major transportation centers, and close by many existing sought-after neighborhoods. This new Katamon project will give you a quality living experience in the perfect location, with underground parking or easy access to amazing transportation like the intercity train and new light rail. This property is adjacent to old Katamon with quick access to Malcha hi-tech center, Malcha Mall, Pais Arena, Teddy Stadium, and Begin Highway. With our long history of selling and developing new communities throughout the country, we know a winner when we see it!

Arnona is another area where we have had much success building an Anglo community. We are now offering apartments in a new building to be completed in under three years. These 2-3 bedroom spacious apartments include a balcony (some sukkah balconies) and underground parking. Penthouses and mini penthouses are available as well. The property is on a quiet street right off Hevron road, not far from Baka or Talpiot areas and within walking distance to shopping, restaurants and excellent public transportation.

The urban developments taking place throughout Jerusalem are another plus for any neighborhood you choose. The further you go from the center of the city and the Kotel, the more affordable it gets. Jerusalem is growing at a rapid pace, with big business and hi-tech moving into the city. Housing areas need to keep up with the growth. Jerusalem’s Mayor Moshe Leon is steadily “rebuilding Jerusalem,” including road improvements, light rail construction, and new business and shopping areas. The new developing areas of today will be the luxury areas of tomorrow/

So don’t delay. Buy now with fixed housing index rates and a stronger dollar!

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