Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Generally when one writes a business profile about a new advertiser in The Link, they have little prior knowledge of who runs the business and write what they are instructed to inform our readers.

In this case I am excited to have been given the opportunity to introduce Raphael Inzlicht of IR Construct, who I met serendipitously by posting a request on Teaneck Shuls asking if anyone had recommendations for someone to knock down an old deck and put up a new one behind our house. Within 15 minutes of posting, a gentleman responded and said that he would be interested in looking at what I had in mind. Later that day Raphael was at our home to look at the project. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a contractor who was so well dressed and spoke perfect English (with a lovely Belgian accent) and, aside from everything else, was wearing a kippah.

We had contacted several other contractors, only to be disappointed when only one of them showed up but never sent us a proposal.

In case you did not guess, we did hire Raphael and his crew to demolish our old deck and erect a new one. Since then we have used him to do other jobs in our home. What impressed me the most was his punctuality, his eagerness to please us and his honesty. It was during the COVID pandemic, especially when finding building materials was not easy, that he went out of his way to find what was necessary for us within budget. He helped us choose what meager pickings there were at the time and kept his word about every detail that was promised to us. His workers were on time, pleasant and respectful. (The fact that I gave them coffee quite frequently did not hurt) Some jobs are much more labor intensive than others. He has three crews, each with their own areas of expertise, so that he can rest assured that any job big or small can be properly executed. He relishes challenges and thinks outside of the box. He enjoys making suggestions about how to make a kosher kitchen more convenient and user friendly, or a room that might require more shelves for seforim in a library converted from a den. His jobs range from major house renovations to smaller concerns, such as our beloved deck.

As he explained to me, he makes himself available to talk to his customers after business hours. Busy with his own family, he does understand family dynamics and makes himself accessible at the convenience of those who need to speak with him.

Raphael offers a variety of services besides construction and renovations. IR Construct will review architectural plans and help obtain permits and variances. Raphael will help with insurance claims, mold remediation and environmental issues.

Raphael began his business by flipping houses in Brooklyn and shortly thereafter built his own ground-up residential apartment building. He then joined one of the largest NYC luxury real estate developers.

Following his many years of working in NYC he went out on his own and began buying and selling houses in New Jersey. He utilized his development and construction experience to renovate the homes he purchased in a beautiful yet cost effective manner. Raphael adds value to any project he works on. The first home he flipped in New Jersey was in Fair Lawn. It was a major home renovation, which entailed gutting the home completely and adding an extension. It was the first of many flips.During the advent of COVID, Raphael saw an increase in demand for renovations and construction. He expanded his business to include construction and renovation services. He differentiates himself from other contractors by communicating promptly, consulting on design and trending materials, and servicing his customers personally for the duration of the project.

Not only do I highly recommend Raphael but so do many others. One can see by an ad in The Link this week the many others who were more than pleased with his work, as well as the many recognizable streets on which he has done work.

Raphael can be reached via WhatsApp at: (917) 957-1618 or email at [email protected] or on Instagram at irsonstruct

Nina Glick can be recahed at [email protected]

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