Sunday, September 25, 2022

Traditionally, the busiest real estate market starts in the springtime. Many families want to move over the summer and have their kids start school in September. Interns and residents start their rotations in July. Large companies transfer their employees to coincide with the school year. Hence, spring cleaning. This was probably started with the Jewish homemaker in preparation for Passover.

It’s a good idea to declutter your home before prospective buyers walk through. Just as you clear the counters in your kitchen for Passover, keep them clear in order to show the house in tiptop shape. Put away all the personal “stuff” that just collects dust. If your closet doors can’t close because of an overflow of clothes, it’s a good time to donate some of the items you never wear to a homeless shelter.

If you go through your kids’ toys to search for cereal and snacks that find their way all over, see if there are items that your children are no longer interested in and either give them away or put them into a carton, mark it, and store it. I recently had to step over tiny Lego® pieces with my clients. We were so concerned about the floor that they actually didn’t appreciate the room itself.

Try to keep the laundry under control. It’s not pleasant to see everyone’s underwear and wet towels overflowing the laundry basket. Make believe your in-laws are coming to visit. Please remember to replace light bulbs. All rooms look better in the light. Make sure that there is nothing stored on the steps down to the basement. This is ripe for an accident waiting to happen. Just use your common sense.

If you have a cat make sure that the litter box is clean and odor-free. You may not smell the odors, but any visitor will. Please store any pet food in sealed containers or under the counters. Leave instructions with your realtor if you have pets in the home that roam free. I once opened a door and a cat ran through my legs before I even saw it. It didn’t return home for two days.

Please don’t leave any jewelry or cash on dressers or desks. We don’t want to be responsible if something goes missing. Don’t leave your tax returns open on a desk for all to see your social security number. You’d be surprised to know how much personal and sensitive data is left haphazardly around.

Selling a home can be stressful in any situation, but these little tips will pay off in the long run

Wishing all of you a Sweet and Kosher Passover and happy spring cleaning.

By Martha (Malkie) Aaron

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