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ASK THE REALTOR: What characteristics should I be looking for when searching for the right realtor?

ERIC WEIN: Honesty is king. Purchasing a home is often the largest investment one will make so it’s of utmost importance to work with a Realtor® you can trust. You should have a sense of comfort knowing that your Realtor® has your best interests in mind.

Knowledge is power. Your agent should be in tune with the market and familiar with the inventory. The market is constantly evolving with new listings, price changes, houses coming back on the market. A good Realtor® will keep you apprised of these market changes as they happen. This can position you to strike when a good opportunity presents itself. If you’re not aware of the market changes in a timely fashion it may lead to you missing out on a great deal.

Patience is a necessity. Purchasing a home does not happen overnight. There are many steps throughout the process including finding the right home, negotiating the price and terms, attorney review period, home inspection, bank appraisal, obtaining a home owner’s insurance policy, obtaining your written loan commitment. A good Realtor® will be there to help prepare you and offer guidance every step of the way. Strong communication and staying patient with one another can help ease the stress of purchasing a home.

ASK THE REALTOR: Can I work with more than one Realtor® during my search?

ERIC WEIN: In short the answer is yes; however, loyalty often pays off. As a buyer you are free to work with any Realtor® you would like. If you find a Realtor® that you connect well with, I believe that as a buyer, you will benefit greatly by being loyal to one Realtor®. It’s important to share your criteria and keep an open line of communication with your Realtor® in order for them to best serve you. This will allow them to really hone in on the right listings to show you so you can make a good educated decision when it’s time to submit your offer. Bouncing around from Realtor® to Realtor® is a dangerous game to play as a buyer because you may not have the chance to get to know who you are working with and what they’re all about before you entrust them to help guide you on a six- or seven-figure decision.

ASK THE REALTOR: What are the benefits of listing my home for sale with a Realtor® rather than trying to sell on my own?

ERIC WEIN: Exposure. When listing your home for sale it’s imperative to have as much exposure as possible. As a seller you want to reach as many prospective buyers as you can so they will come see your home. Hiring a Realtor® will help you obtain the most exposure via your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In addition, Realtor®s generally offer an Internet marketing campaign via their own website, various public websites, print advertising and public open houses in order to maximize your exposure. This collaborative effort of marketing will put your listing in front of all and prospective buyers out there until the right one comes along.

Protection. Realtors® can make sure the right buyers are looking at your home by confirming that buyers have obtained a pre-approval letter from a trusted bank or mortgage consultant. A Realtor® will always be present when your home is being shown. Knowing that a professional will always be around should offer you some sense of comfort. If you sell on your own you might say the wrong thing to turn off a buyer without even knowing it. You will also have to let strangers into your home without knowing anything about them. As Realtors® we don’t just protect your best interests, we can also act as an excellent buffer to help protect you and your home.

Eric Wein is a Broker-Sales Associate with Russo Real Estate where he has been an agent for all 12 years of his career. He has earned the New Jersey Association of Realtors® Circle of Excellence Award for 10 consecutive years. Eric was also honored with a lifetime membership in NJAR’s Distinguished Sales Club. He resides in Cresskill with his wife, Christine, daughter, Jocelyn, and dog, Ella. Growing up in Teaneck and having spent his whole life in Bergen County, Eric is knowledgeable of the greater area. He genuinely enjoys helping buyers buy and sellers sell.

Russo Real Estate is a family-owned business that has been servicing the northern Bergen County area of New Jersey for over 40 years.

Please visit Russo Real Estate online at www.RussoRealEstate.com or call us directly at 201-837-8800. You can contact Eric Wein at 201-410-1556 or [email protected]

By Eric Wein of Russo Real Estate

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