Saturday, October 01, 2022

With professionalism and warmth, Fern Malka and her team of realtors at Royal Realty Services (RRS) help simplify the often overwhelming task of purchasing or selling a property. Together with the agents in her employ, Fern offers the knowledge that comes with their combined 75 years of experience.

RRS was started by Fern in 2009, and after seven years she now has seven agents working under her, each one licensed in both New Jersey and New York. Opening the firm was a natural transition for Fern, who spent the first 22 years of her career managing commercial and residential properties in the Linden area. In 2004, she became a licensed real estate agent and, as required by New Jersey law, spent five years working under another broker, at which time she opened RRS in its current Linden location.

Fern’s Jersey shore business is thriving as well, assisted by her unique knowledge of the community. She has resided in that area seasonally for the past 14 years, and Fern feels that is what makes her highly qualified to represent people seeking properties in the greater Deal, New Jersey area. While Deal is known for its Sephardic community, she is able to reach the Ashkenazic community and speak their language.

“Real estate agents at the Jersey shore don’t always know what the Ashkenazic community is looking for. We know the Ashkenazic flavor and can bring something different to the table. Our clients can better relate to someone who is from their area and shares their traditions and values; who also sent their kids to Moriah and YU,” Fern commented.

RRS has established its niche as a “boutique firm”, giving individual attention to each of its clients in an effort to fully meet their needs. The agents provide concierge services that clients would not get elsewhere. Recently a European client was referred to her and she facilitated a property purchase. Her firm managed every aspect of the purchase, including a property tax reduction, with the client remaining in Europe until the closing. It is these “extra services” that make RRS sought out by so many.

“We offer a complete suite of real estate services,” said Fern. “Whether experienced in the real estate market or first time homebuyers, we try to make it easier. We want to help guide people through the process and make the entire transaction as seamless as possible. We guide buyers through mortgage options, and help the first time homebuyer truly understand why having equity in a property is advantageous”, she added.

Another area that sets RRS apart from other agencies is that it specializes in off market deals. Malka and her agents work closely with potential sellers who, for whatever their reasons, prefer not to list their property in MLS. Because of Royal Realty’s reputation for bringing in qualified clients, these owners will reach out and allow its agents to bring clients to view their property. RRS recently successfully closed a number of Bergen County properties in this manner.

Fern prides herself on providing the best possible services to her clients, and that includes every agent in her office. The agents are all passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences – from sales and rentals, to new developments, to off market deals. RRS realtors are experts in each of these fields, and are available to skillfully guide clients through their real estate transactions from beginning to end. There is always someone on call to respond to clients’ needs and all of her agents subscribe to her belief that the client comes first.

Shunning the traditional brokerage model of cut-throat agents competing against each other, RRS nurtures a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment, thereby ensuring its clients get the best possible service.

“This office is no shark tank”, she said. “There is no back stabbing here. We all support one another and strive to provide the best service for all of our clients without exception.”

To contact Fern or another agent at Royal Realty, please call 201.281.6369 or

email [email protected]

By Jill Kirsch

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