Saturday, July 04, 2020

Real Estate

Five Home-Buying Trends for This Year’s Market

(BPT) - If you are in the market for a new house this year, don’t be fooled by the brisk chill in the air - the spring house-hunting season is actually closer than you think. That means now is the perfect time to start your planning. Space requirements such as bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage are essential, but a


Things to Consider When Buying a ‘Green’ Home

With terms like “sustainability” and “eco-conscious” becoming buzzwords, it might seem like everyone is “going green.” If you’re a potential first-time home buyer who cares about the environment, you might be wondering how to tell if the homes you’re considering are eco-friendly.


Register Now for New Black Box Season

Teaneck— With the Fall/Winter End-of-Semester performances just completed—including sold-out performances Evil Dead: The Musical, Clifford Odet’s classic Golden Boy, Scenes & Songs from Little Shop, and The Devil Inside, an early work by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright David


FM Home Loans to Hold Free Home-Buying Seminar

FM Home Loans along with Links Residential will be hosting a free Home Buyers Seminar on March 14 beginning at 7 pm at Avenue Event Space in Teaneck. The Jewish Link spoke with Jason Berg, Vice President at FM Home Loans, for a short Q&A session.

Why attend a home buyers, seminar?


How to Sell a Home...and Fast!

The time has come for me to let homeowners in on a little secret. The secret is a group of tips that will help you sell your home faster. If you are a homeowner, interested in listing your home, first of all, give me a call, and second of all, here are a few hidden tips on how to do so in the right way. No more worrying—you have come to


Kick It Up with Kishka

Mock Kishka can be eaten as a side dish or inside of a cholent. Years ago, kishka was made with intestines and other such things. Here are some variations on an old theme. In general, I make about 4–5 loaves, wrap in parchment paper, freeze, and then just pop into my cholent. This way I only have to deal with the mess one time


Ready, Set and Sell Your House Before the Fall!

Featuring: Lydia Russo, Broker, Owner, Russo Real Estate, Teaneck, New Jersey

LYDIA RUSSO: Spring is right around the corner, daylight hours are getting longer, interest rates remain at a reasonable, low rate, inventory is growing and buyers are coming


Repurpose on Purpose Part Two

Over the years, we all seem to collect a lot of prescription bottles. It’s really such a shame to throw them out, so I am sharing some ideas to repurpose them.

These bottles fit perfectly inside your car’s glove compartment or door cubby, and they’re great for storing change or


Where’s My Toaster?

Buy 10 coffees at Lazy Bean and get one free.

Accumulate 40,000 points on your credit card and earn a free flight

Buy two packages of diapers at Target and receive a $10 gift certificate.

These are just a few of the many promotions


Solutions to a Common Design Dilemma

You’ve moved into a new home whose kitchen was renovated by the prior owner. It has sleek stainless steel appliances, gleaming granite, and tile in like-new condition. It’s beautiful and state of the art, but let’s be honest: it’s not your taste. The cabinets, etc. are relatively new and it would be a waste to tear them all


In Real Estate, Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Not everything that glitters is gold. I first heard that cliche about 25 years ago when my father was telling his client not to buy a house. The anxious buyer desperately wanted to put in an all-cash offer on a discounted house that would surely be sold quickly. My father, his real estate agent at the time, thought


Smart Design

In the era of smart phones and smart cars shouldn’t the design of our homes also be “smart?” And what does smart mean when referring to our homes? Let’s explore how we can use technology in the design and function of our homes.

When homeowners look to update or renovate their homes they