Friday, September 18, 2020

Real Estate

Non-Qualified Mortgage for Qualified Applicants

Yes, you read the headline correctly, a non-qualified mortgage is a practical and viable option for potential mortgage applicants. Since early last year, new regulations were introduced and mortgage loans now fall under two distinct categories of “qualified” mortgages and “non-qualified” mortgages. While the label of these loan options might be misleading, a


Real Estate Animal Wrangling

For the past six months I have been submitting articles on several real estate topics. Every time I open a newspaper lately, there are real estate articles from the mayvin to the lawyer. The most popular one that I wrote was the humorous vignettes that I wrote about last month. With that in mind, here are a few others.


Four Modern Home Design Ideas

(BPT) - Once limited to simplistic, clean lines and cool color schemes, modern design has evolved to include sleek, minimalistic looks with gentle, warm, organic elements. The new “approachable modern” design schemes emphasize the grace of nature, respect the strength of simplicity and can be effortlessly incorporated into any home by


Retirement Planning With Reverse Mortgage Financing

A reverse mortgage can be used to refinance your existing home or purchase a new one. This article will address refinancing using a reverse mortgage on an existing home. You’ve worked long and hard to build your nest egg. Take the time to look at every available option to ensure your retirement assets are used in the most profitable and


Links Residential Welcomes Kenneth Schwartz

Teaneck—Links Residential, a boutique real estate agency, is proud to welcome Sales Associate Kenneth Schwartz to its growing team.

Kenneth is an energetic and hard-working go-getter, who loves a challenge and takes great pride in his accomplishments. Through communication, responsiveness, and


COMMUNITY CALENDAR December 10 - December 19

The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund is now accepting on-line applications for the 2016-2017 academic year at www.alisafund.org

Awards are made for full time study in a yeshiva, seminary or other approved program. One need not be accepted to apply. Deadline for applications


The Miracle of a Non-Messy Mortgage Closing

After a mortgage is approved, lenders will work with you to get any outstanding items satisfied so that the loan will be released for closing in a timely manner. In working towards your closing, there are many basic items to consider, like when does your mortgage commitment expire, and what documentation would be needed to get that


Featuring Barbara Ostroth of Coldwell Banker

Q. I’ve decided to sell my property in the near future. What are the first steps to take?

A. The first step is to contact one or two experienced REALTORS to obtain a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) of your property. Make appointments so they can preview the home, and then return with a


How Holiday Shopping Can Impact Your Mortgage Loan

Holiday and year end shopping season is upon us! It’s hard to go a few minutes without an email or ad about “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday,” or “Is it too-late Tuesday.” Okay, maybe I made up ‘too-late Tuesday.’ There is no question that everyone likes a good deal, and it seems like the sales and timelines for getting deep


Home Improvements: Are They Worth It?

As a homeowner, you have probably entertained the prospect of making home improvements. Home improvements can enhance your lifestyle, add years to your house and increase its future resale value. Whether you are considering a major remodeling project or a minor cosmetic touch-up, there are several factors to consider, including how long you


Featuring Lydia Russo, Broker, Owner, Russo Real Estate, Teaneck, New Jersey

ASK THE REALTOR: My husband and I have decided to go down south for the winter months this year and are wondering if there is anything special we need to do to prepare our home.

LYDIA RUSSO: Whether you’re leaving your house during winter for an extended period, closing up a summer vacation


Common and Costly Home Buyer Mistakes

For many home buyers who are pursuing their first home purchase, countless hours will be spent researching all the available homes and statistics in their desired market. They will go to great lengths trying to educate themselves about a complex process that they are highly unfamiliar with, and might not ever learn about until