Saturday, January 28, 2023

Real Estate

As the Market Grinds To a Halt, the Odds Are in Your Favor

We are closing out 2022 with the gears of the market slowly but surely grinding to a halt. Activity across all metrics is anemic and we’re witnessing a competition of record breaking statistics between the low inventory of houses for sale versus the distinctly high average listing price for those homes that do find their way to


Is It Time to Get Your Home’s Ducts in Order?

(BPT) While homeowners invest time and money to make their homes comfortable and energy efficient, one common denominator of comfort and energy efficiency is often overlooked - the air inside a home. The old saying “what’s out of sight is out of mind” applies not only to a home’s air, but also to the attic ductwork that


Why Doing Your Due Diligence Is Crucial

One major difference between the American and Israeli real estate markets is that in Israel, there are no contingencies when signing a contract.

What does this mean, and how does this affect you?


In Israel,


Dona Gracia: A Remarkable Woman Who Defied the Inquisition and Saved Jews

My company’s Netanya maven, Ruthie Yudin, texted me from Dona Gracia Street in Netanya. Googling the street name, she was blown away by Gracia’s life, and wrote: “Her story must be told!”

Although streets in Tiberias and Haifa are also named in her memory, I was surprised that Gracia’s


Dave Ramsey on Kosher Money: Part I

If you aren’t familiar with the Kosher Money podcast, now would be an excellent opportunity to check it out. Recently, Eli Langer, host of Kosher Money, and Zevy Wolman, entrepreneur and founding member of Living Smarter Jewish, had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Ramsey. As many of you might know, I have been a proud sponsor and


Second Annual Housing Market Prediction

Last year we wrapped up 2021 with predictions for the upcoming 2022 market. We certainly called interest rate hikes correctly, but what we did not anticipate was the near total halt of inventory coming up for sale. We did predict that the driving force of the real estate market would be right around the $1 million mark, comprising


Is Your Home Prepared For Winter Weather?

(BPT) Experts recommend homeowners take a few simple steps to prepare their property to be Winter Weather Ready.

When temperatures dip below freezing, it can create a cascade of failures around the home. Leaky roofs, frozen pipes and other damage frequently caused by severe winter weather lead


If I Could Change the Jerusalem Real Estate Market in Three Ways

As I sit here on erev Chanukah, I decided to write an article looking at how the market could be even brighter than it is today.

The Jerusalem market is truly miraculous in its resilience, its demand from around the globe, and the incredible feeling and atmosphere that is created year after year around


Unexpectedly Useful Housewarming Gifts

(StatePoint) Attending a housewarming is a great way to celebrate a friend’s new home, but how do you find the perfect present to accompany the visit? These unique gift ideas are not only bound to make a statement, they’re incredibly useful to boot.

Fix-It Essentials:For


Ironman Lake Placid 2022

If competing in an Ironman triathlon a year wasn’t crazy enough, I decided to up the ante in 2022.

(You competed in two Ironman triathlons?)

I competed in two Ironman triathlons … three weeks apart.

(Was that


The Only Strategy That Works

I learned of this remarkable story from Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, senior rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue in Florida. In 1959, the Hebrew Academy of Miami was under dire financial strain. The Board of Directors reluctantly introduced a drastic new policy: For parents who didn’t pay tuition in full, their child could no longer attend the


A New Life in Our Sunshine Years

(Courtesy of YI of Deerfield Beach) When is it time to retire? What does retiring mean to you? These types of questions enter the minds of all of us who reach a certain age, or a certain mindset, as we evaluate our present and future life cycles; and they are answered differently by everyone at these important

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