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Real Estate

The Affordability Crisis

Compared to historical averages, median-priced homes are less affordable in 94% of counties across the country, according to new figures from Attom Data Solutions. The analytics company just released its Q1 2023 U.S. Home Affordability Report, which measured affordability by calculating the income needed to meet major monthly homeownership


The Ants Go Marching One by One

I once conducted a meeting between a builder and my client, hammering out the details of a new home to be built on a property owned by the builder. The conversation moved from windows to tile allowances and, eventually, to everyone’s favorite, the kitchen. After all the back and forth it seemed that we were a handshake away from


Tips for a More Organized Kitchen

(StatePoint) Better organization in the kitchen means spending less time searching for the right ingredient or tool so you can have more time for savoring meals with family and friends, and more time for personal pursuits.

Whether you’re throwing together weekday lunches for the kids or hosting an


Anticipating the Effects of the Emek Refaim Light Rail

Emek Refaim is a popular commercial street located in the heart of the German Colony in Jerusalem. It is known for its historic charm, beautiful residential streets and a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Over five years ago, the city proposed building a light rail line down Emek Refaim Street to


Spring Into Action

The perfect time for your Israeli investment.

“Never a dull moment” certainly applies to Israel at any point in time, now ever more so. And while the press has been working overtime to cast the county as is in the throes of a constant social coup, with chaos reigning in the streets,


Meet People Who Are Making a Difference At the ‘Great Israeli Real Estate Event’ in Englewood

We started launching real estate events several years ago, when it became clear that there are so many people interested in purchasing property in Israel but they don’t have the first idea how to go about it.

We brought together developers, real estate agents, aliyah advisors, community


An Excellent Time to Buy

Experienced mortgage consultant Be’eri Gurtler Har-Tuv of Jerusalem has been advising foreign property purchasers for over a decade on how to navigate the mortgage banks so as to maximize their investment.

In the period following Covid, the real estate market has been rocked by a combination of factors, including supply chain issues and skyrocketing inflation


My Recipe for Unity in Israel

Anyone who reads what the media have to say about the situation in Israel today may have feelings of doubt, concern or even despair. After all, the country seems divided. Charedi vs. secular… settling Judea and Samaria vs. the creation of a Palestinian state… and now, of course, the question of whether the Israeli Supreme Court should


Tivuch Shelly: Your Trusted Israel Realtor

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) A trusted realtor is a must when seeking to purchase a property close to home, all the more so when you’re dealing with a different language, laws and culture. And what could be better than a trusted realtor who helps her clients with her whole heart?


A Combination of Difficult Circumstances Is Expected to Bring Down Home Prices in 2023

From the global crisis in high-tech to rising interest rates and the judicial reform—a series of blows on the Israeli economy has led to a historic low in demand for apartments. All this is precisely when the market is flooded with supply. The industry already understands that home prices in 2023 will fall. The question is for how


The Disappearing House

The State of Israel is one of the few countries in the world experiencing positive population growth. In 2022, Israel’s population increased by over 1.5%, over four times the average of developed countries. In comparison, the US grew by.38%, China’s population was flat at 0%, and Italy’s population declined by.38%.


A Guide to Buying Property in Israel: A Purchasing Checklist

Buying property in Jerusalem can be very exciting, but also a potentially daunting experience at first.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Jerusalem/Israel, there are several steps you need to take to help make it a hopefully smooth and successful transaction.

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