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Real Estate

What’s Your Style?

Whether just starting to look for a home, remodeling, or adding on, knowing the style of your ideal or existing house can be a tremendous help. (You’ll also gain a greater appreciation of the way your house was designed and built.)

There are many different types of house styles. Some people know


The Tax Appeal Process

Of the many joys of home ownership, paying real estate taxes is certainly not one of them. This is especially the case for New Jersey homeowners who pay among the highest property taxes in the nation. Therefore it is no surprise that with the downturn in the economy over the last number of years and the continued weakness in the economy,


Weatherization Home Tips

Is your home prepared to withstand temperature changes and extreme conditions from outside? Well, why not! Weatherizing your home is your best bet for putting some extra cash in your wallet this winter. Make your home feel warmer this season, without breaking the bank with these great Do-It-Yourself tips!

Improve Insulation

It may not be very


How Can I Reduce My Real Estate Taxes?

Let’s face it. No one likes to pay taxes, and if there is a way to reduce them you should make the effort to do so. The first step in reducing your home’s taxes is to go to the tax assessor’s office in your municipality. It is usually in the same building as your City Hall. When you go there ask for a copy of the Data Sheet for your


Ask the Realtor: Does Location, Location, Location Really Matter?

The adage is, when it comes to Real Estate the most important feature is “LOCATION… LOCATION…LOCATION.”That’s because Locationstill secures and guarantees your investment. Given the politics of today’s world there will always be fluctuations in the Stock Market and the Real Estate market.


West Orange Jewish Community Hopes to Restore Shoprite’s Kosher Village

West Orange—Kosher Village has been downgraded by Shoprite, from a full service fresh food counter in the heart of the store to a tiny window buried in the back with the fresh meat kitchens. Shoprite regulars have noticed and plan to address it with a corporation representative at a meeting to be held at Congregation


Advantages and Disadvantages of an “Acquisition Group”

A few years ago, my client wanted to buy an apartment through an Acquisition Group. However, his attorney dissuaded him from participating. Interestingly, over the past few months, a number of my clients joined Acquisition Groups in Modiin and central Jerusalem. What is an Acquisition Group (AG), what are the risks, and when is it


Buyer’s Pre-Approval!

If you’re looking for your dream home the first step that you must take is to speak to a mortgage banker or broker. There are very few consumers out there that are lucky enough to buy for cash. Even if you have the cash, your accountant may advise you to get a mortgage to use the interest as a tax advantage. However, for the average buyer


Selling Tips: The Kitchen Comes First

Kitchens will make or break a sale, so consider updating yours before putting the home on the market. Kitchen upgrades will most likely get you 85% of your money back, and renovations eliminate a buyer’s negotiating points (they may ask you to knock $10,000 off the price because the kitchen needs updating).


Close Quarters

We’re in the market for a new house. It doesn’t actually have to be new, just new to us. Our current house isn’t tiny, but our kids keep getting bigger, and our house does not.

Right now, we have something called a “starter house.” No one dies in a starter house


West Orange, Fair Lawn Named Among NJ’s Best Places to Live

According to a report by the Movoto Real Estate website, West Orange and Fair Lawn are considered among the ten best towns to live in New Jersey. The study looked at seven criteria: total amenities (pizza places, bagel stores, and diners), amenities per person, cost of living, crime, education (high school degree attainment rate


Eleven Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance for Under $100

Wouldn’t it be nice to approach your home’s entrance with a grin instead of a grimace? Take our tips for beating a clear, safe, and stylish path to your front door.

First impressions count–not just for your friends, relatives, and the UPS guy, but for yourself.

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