Friday, October 07, 2022

Real Estate

Twenty New Families Join Ramat Givat Zeev’s Up-And-Coming American Community

Following the announcement by Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky of Monsey that he will be participating in the formation of a new American-style frum community on the outskirts of Jerusalem, 20 new families have joined the blossoming project in Ramat Givat Zeev. Of the new families joining the community, many are making aliyah from the U.S., while


Fond Farewell to Bergen County Favorite Son:Sen. Lautenberg Laid to Rest

New York—“God gives and God takes,” intoned Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, the late Senator Frank Lautenberg’s spiritual leader and friend, as he began a Jewish funeral unlike many others— and then mourners “ripped kriah—the symbolic ritual of tearing one’s garments, followed by Shema—the affirmation of faith.

“The spirit of Frank


The Inside Scoop on Weekly Interest Rates

Each week the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (more commonly knowns as “Freddie Mac”) publishes their Mortgage Interest Rate notification known as The Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®). The report reviews lenders across the nation on the rates and points for their most popular 30-year fixed-rate,


Top 12 New Fruit and Vegetables Species Developed In Israel

Israeli innovation isn’t just limited to high-tech, it also extends to the development of some of the world’s most popular new fruits and vegetables.

Since the first half of the 20th century, Israeli agricultural wizards have been partnering with Mother Nature to bring new fruit and vegetable varieties to the global market, from vividly colored


Own Your Home Sooner Than Later

O.K., so how do you own your home sooner than later? Answer: Don’t take a mortgage! Ha ha, ba dump bump. A bit of a joke, but we know most people actually need to take financing in order to buy a home, and real estate investors actually get a greater return on their investment if they use financing as part of their investment strategy.


Spring Is Here: Garden Parties in the Garden State

Pesach is the harbinger of spring, a time to think about what comes next. Do you have a simchain the offing? Whether it is an engagement party, anniversary, wedding or any lifecycle celebration that will take place between April and October, think about the great outdoors. The color scheme is nature. And it is all so romantic. Your garden, if properly


Vacation Alert… Thinking of Buying a Vacation Home or Secondary Residence?

If you are like many in the community, thoughts of school break and winter vacation are dominating your current plans. Undoubtingly after your trip is over, many will think back fondly on the temporary escape they just enjoyed. One way to keep the prospect of more frequent vacations is to actually buy a secondary residence or


Kids, Clothes, Crazy

With the holidays popping up early this year it feels like there is so much to do in so little time. The cleaning, the cooking, the covering surfaces with aluminum foil… does anyone still do that anymore? But most importantly, shopping for the perfect outfits for the kids to wear to shul, to the Seder, at Bubby and Zaidy’s house, and to get together with


Surprises at Closings

Over the years, I have experienced many unexpected and unforeseen issues in closing a real estate transaction. Here are a few of them.

A number of years ago, my customers from Brooklyn were under contract to buy a house in Teaneck. The attorney review was concluded, the inspections were all done


Why Pay Retail?

Gently Used Items are
a Boon for Your Budget

There’s a simchaor life-cycle event brewing, and the family budget is stretched to the max. Everyone wants to wear a fresh and new outfit, but the department stores and specialty shops put those amazingly tailored and trendy items just a bit out of your reach, Now there is a


Double Taxation on Ghost Apartments

Over the past half decade, there has been talk to double the property taxes (called “arnona”) on the estimated 10,000 “ghost apartments” or secondary residences in Jerusalem. A ghost apartment is defined as a property that sits vacant for at least nine months a year. These ghost apartments have understandably


Cleaning the Economical Way

We tend to spend hundreds of dollars each year on different types of cleaners that we use in our home. Whether for laundry, clothing, jewelry, Shabbos silver; the list is endless. I have learned that you can easily make these cleaners yourself for very little money and certainly with less chemicals. Here are some of my favorites:


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