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Tivuch Shelly: Your Trusted Israel Realtor

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) A trusted realtor is a must when seeking to purchase a property close to home, all the more so when you’re dealing with a different language, laws and culture. And what could be better than a trusted realtor who helps her clients with her whole heart?


A Combination of Difficult Circumstances Is Expected to Bring Down Home Prices in 2023

From the global crisis in high-tech to rising interest rates and the judicial reform—a series of blows on the Israeli economy has led to a historic low in demand for apartments. All this is precisely when the market is flooded with supply. The industry already understands that home prices in 2023 will fall. The question is for how


The Disappearing House

The State of Israel is one of the few countries in the world experiencing positive population growth. In 2022, Israel’s population increased by over 1.5%, over four times the average of developed countries. In comparison, the US grew by.38%, China’s population was flat at 0%, and Italy’s population declined by.38%.


A Guide to Buying Property in Israel: A Purchasing Checklist

Buying property in Jerusalem can be very exciting, but also a potentially daunting experience at first.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Jerusalem/Israel, there are several steps you need to take to help make it a hopefully smooth and successful transaction.


It’s Not Me. It’s You.

An elderly man came to a health clinic and requested hearing aids for his wife. “From what distance does she hear well, and from what distance is it hard for her to hear?” the technician asked. The old man didn’t know. So the technician instructed him, “Go home and test her hearing and report back to us.” He gets home and, from a


Citrus-A-Peel: The Natural Carpet Cleaning Company

(Courtesy of Citrus-A-Peel) Citrus-A-Peel was started to offer customers an opportunity to steam clean using natural orange peel extract. After some initial investigation, it was discovered that many carpet cleaning detergents and rinses weren’t just smelly, they contained very harmful ingredients.


You Can Smell the Chlorine in the Air

As the temperature begins to climb, catching many of us still dressed for early spring, our attention moves from simple walks and outdoor recreation to thoughts of everyone’s favorite summer activity which is, of course, swimming. For most of us the challenge of where to swim still prevails. While countless families across the


Protect Your Home From Weather Damage

(BPT) Spring brings many opportunities to shake off the winter chill and enjoy the warm weather ahead. However, spring can also mean the beginning of severe weather events. According to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, there have been more than 450 confirmed tornadoes in the U.S. as of April 20, and the month of May is considered


Prep Your Home for Bug Season

(StatePoint) It can be tempting to think that bugs simply disappear in the cooler months. The truth is that many bug species have evolved to survive all year long, sometimes hiding in the warm nooks and crannies in and around homes. Others go into a hibernation-like state.

“Bugs can be a lot


How Homeowners Can Lower Cooling Bills This Summer

(BPT) The YORK® brand of Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, has compiled six proven tips to help homeowners reduce cooling bills this spring and summer as energy costs nationwide remain above pre-pandemic rates.

The Energy Information


Running Out of Cash, Fast!

Imagine a child who keeps running back to their parents for “more” money. Each time they get an advance of new money, they quickly spend it all and return for more. This cycle of borrowing and spending can continue until the parents reach their limit and say, “No more!” In a way, this child’s behavior is similar to how the U.S.


Tivuch Shelly: Building Communities in Israel for You

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Looking to purchase a home in Israel and currently residing in the New York, New Jersey and Long Island areas? Tivuch Shelly real estate agents are here to assist you! Attend their upcoming community-based meetings to learn more about the various properties they have available throughout Israel.

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