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Israeli Real Estate Event: All the Info Under One Roof

This Sunday! Don’t miss it!

(Courtesy of Israel Real Estate) Thinking about buying a home in Israel?

Whether you are considering aliyah in the near future or further down along the line, or if you’re weighing the possibility of purchasing


You Can't Fight the Fed

I will admit, it was a very intimidating conversation. He came highly recommended to me from a past client who told me that Reuben (not his real name) was the top actuary in the firm and an expert statistician. Reuben was very clear from the start that he was looking for “the best mortgage rate” possible and was willing to pay to get


Downsizing Dilemmas

It was almost 50 years ago, when shortly after moving to the Teaneck apartment complex my Mom a”h began drumming into our young heads that paying rent for two years was enough. That is when we made our way to our first home on a street I had never heard of before called Edgewood Ave. Like many of our peers, we forged,


West Hartford

Let’s imagine a circle with Teaneck, New Jersey in the middle and the outer boundary of the circle representing a two-hour drive. That’s how long it takes to enjoy one movie, four episodes of “Bubble Guppies” or one extended lunch meeting. (Remember those?) It’s just not that much time, but it is short enough for a Shabbat visit


Analyzing Israel’s New Housing Plans

This past week, Ministers Avigdor Liberman (Finance), Ze’ev Elkin (Construction and Housing), and Ayelet Shaked (Interior) presented the government’s plan designed to limit soaring real estate prices.

Parts of the plan had already been shared. Last week, the government passed a law


Bar Ilan University Is Coming to New York

(Courtesy of BIU) Young adults interested in pursuing higher education in Israel will now be able to study in English at the highest academic level possible at Bar Ilan University’s International Program.

Learn all about the program, courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, student


Meet me in the New York tri-state area now through December 6.

Come See and Walk the Land…and Buy a Share for Yourself!

By Shelly Levine

Before I traveled to the U.S., I decided to challenge myself to join an organized hike “Yam to Yam” from Lake Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea, a five day journey


Statistically Speaking …

Statistically speaking, we are $#@&!

“They” say, if you believe every statistic presented, you are a fool, but if you don’t believe every statistic you’re shown, you are a bigger fool. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t – as the saying goes. That


Israeli Real Estate Event—Just 30 Minutes Away!

(Courtesy of Real Estate Israel) Thinking about buying a home in Israel?

Whether you are considering aliyah in the near future or further down the line, or weighing the possibility of purchasing property as an investment, you probably have a lot of questions.

Get all


Healthcare Coverage Simplified With Levi Goldberg

Healthcare coverage is important at any age and especially when you get older, but choosing the right medical plan becomes particularly difficult after one retires and no longer has a point person handling their health benefits. Levi Goldberg of United Healthcare understands the challenges those 65 and up face and


Fall Foliage or Spring Bloom?

If Family Feud were to ask the question “When is a family happiest in their home?” the top 5 answers would have to include the following: scenes of families sitting around the table having Thanksgiving dinner, loved ones gathered around a fire sipping hot apple cider and brandy followed by children raking leaves into


Simple Tips to Adjust to The Time Change

(StatePoint) Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends November 7, and if you are already dreading the adjustment, you are not alone. The physical and mental effects are real, and many people undergo mood shifts, fatigue and stress as their bodies adjust. To “fall back” this fall stress-free, try these techniques:

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