Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Real Estate

Aliyah and Purchase Tax Savings

I was recently strategizing with attorney Yair Givati regarding how to best guide my client—we’ll call him David—who wants to make aliyah and purchase multiple properties. David wanted to buy a primary home in Jerusalem plus a pied-a-terre in Netanya near the water, and our conversation centered on devising a strategy to have


Israeli Firm to Hold ‘Great Israeli Real Estate Event,’ Sunday, Nov. 14

Over the past few years the Jewish world has seen a steady growth in people expressing interest in and making aliyah. The Jewish Agency reported last December that, since the start of 2020, they received 160,000 inquiries about aliyah and had opened roughly 41,000 active files, which was twice the number opened in 2019. All told, more than


When It Comes To Buying or Selling Real Estate, Everyone Agrees With This

I was recently involved in what I would describe as a very “uncomfortable” loan closing. My team and I represented the buyers – a wonderful family purchasing their first home. They and we did everything necessary to prepare for closing in a timely and efficient manner. They were buying a charming single-family home for almost $600,000


Follow the Detour

I was on my way to show a house this week when I stumbled onto a bank of police cars signifying the ever increasing phenomena of—The Bergen County Road Closure. I just don’t recall it ever being so hard to get from one part of town to the other, whether to pick up groceries or drop a child off at an after-school activity. We


Complete Outdoor Chores With Vigor as You Age

(StatePoint) When it comes to healthy, active aging, it’s all about making simple adaptations. This is especially true of outdoor chores, which can put a strain on wrists and hands.

Here are three simple tips to help you tackle your tasks -- and maintain your favorite hobbies -- with vigor as you


Five Things That Can Help Your Home Sell Faster and for More Money

The price of your home isn’t set in stone. You can improve its value—and expedite the sale—by increasing demand, which requires focusing on the buyer’s perspective. The more buyers you appeal to, the more competition you build around your home, which is something you can do regardless of what the real estate market is


With The Click of A Button

I have to admit I was not only surprised but super impressed when an item I ordered online at 8 am arrived at my home by 6 pm that evening. I was expecting “next day delivery,” which the confirmation said online, but there it was at my door when I got home from work that night. Granted, it was a reoccurring order and not something I


Our Next Stop–Allentown

If you’ve been to camp, you likely know about Dorney Park. However, that might be all you know about Allentown, a city in eastern Pennsylvania that has a small but thriving Orthodox community. But there is so much more.

People who move to Allentown, located just two hours from New York City, have the


Waiting for the Story to Change

It’s been more than a year now that a historic market shift has been in progress. Across all facets of real estate, pressure has moved pricing upwards. Historically low interest rates, buyer demand arising from COVID disruptions, scarcity in building materials, labor shortages, a dearth of homes for sale and my


Light in the Darkness

Driving along Henrietta Szold Street up to Hadassah Medical Center, I wondered what the connection between this woman and Hadassah was. While waiting for my medical appointment, I first searched her name in Google Maps and learned that 25 cities across the country have streets named in her memory. That was the first clue that


Inexpensive Home Maintenance Projects to Do This Weekend

(BPT) Home maintenance. The very words might evoke thoughts of an entire weekend spent laboring at home instead of relaxing in it, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

“Not every home maintenance project has to be a large undertaking or one that takes up all of your free time,”


Is It Really Worth Spending on Your House Before Selling?

No one can argue that the market is booming, but in actuality are houses really flying off the market as quickly as they say? The answer is yes, and no.

While demand is still outweighing the supply, fairly priced homes that are move-in ready are getting bidding wars, while homes that are not in

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