Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Real Estate

Columbus, Ohio, Celebrates Purim

The community of Columbus, Ohio, celebrated Purim together with a joyful carnival and communal Purim seudah. It is an exciting place to live!


Become the Builder

Most people want a home where they can just move in, unpack and start cooking their Shabbat meal. However, many are finding it hard to win a move-in-ready home in this current market. In some cases, even increasing the price or putting forth a cash offer with no mortgage contingency isn’t getting a person the home they want.


Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Did you catch the nuance in the headline? Most people don’t.

Take a second and read it again. It doesn’t seem like much of a fair exchange now, does it?! I believe this is the predicament that the Federal Reserve is currently in and the impact that it will have on the average U.S. citizen.


NYC Affordable Housing Assisted by Selfhelp Community Services

Over the next 20 years, New York City’s demographic landscape is expected to experience a major shift. The AARP Foundation predicts that by 2030, one in every five Americans will be over age 65. Furthermore, statistics show that by 2040, the population of individuals aged 65 and over is expected to increase to more than


Why Won’t You Downsize?

There are big things happening in the real estate market: Interest rates are going up; Inflation has made everything more expensive; Supply chain/labor shortages are making construction an increasingly capricious endeavor. Wherever I go these days, whether amongst my buyers, sellers or other industry professionals, I am


The Power of Music

As we are between Purim and Pesach, two holidays in which music plays a major role, let’s focus on one of Israel’s most beloved musicians. Poet, songwriter, composer and singer Naomi Shemer has streets named after her in almost twenty cities across Israel. And for good reason, as she was able to intuitively grasp the mood of


CapitIL Realty Hosts Info Events on Israel Real Estate

(Courtesy of CapitIL Realty) Ben Levene, the director of sales of Jerusalem-based realty firm CapitIL Real Estate, will co-host a series of informative events in Jewish communities along the East Coast until March 29, along with a team of professional colleagues in various related fields.



“More or Less” and “More for Less”

I was driving with one of my children, and I commented about how expensive gas prices were as we were pulling into a gas station. The attendant came over, we exchanged pleasantries, and I said, “$60 cash, regular, please.” (Note, I tend to often pay by cash at fuel stations because I have had several friends and clients whose identity


Putting My Community Up for Sale?

Real estate agents in Teaneck can also have fun this time of year. My company is the V&N Group, and one Purim eve some time ago I got a call from a neighbor with quite the unique request: “Nechama, can you put a V&N sign on my sister’s house? I want to see her face in the morning when she comes back from Megillah and finds her


Tivuch Shelly: Your One-Stop Shop for Property in Israel

A trusted realtor is a must when seeking to purchase a property close to home, all the more so when you’re dealing with a different language, laws and culture. Tivuch Shelly, established in 1989 by native New Yorker Shelly Levine, is one of Israel’s most established real estate agencies, with current projects in


Shomer Shabbat Clifton Ace Hardware And Paint Supply Has You Covered

Jacob Babad spent over a decade working in paint manufacturing when he was approached to buy a small hardware store in Haverstraw, New York. He realized that there was a void in this type of store within the shomer Shabbat community in Monsey, so he moved the Rockland Hardware and Paint Supply store to Monsey. Starting small with


Real Estate Ownership Is a Family Value

My paternal grandparents were refugees. They fled Poland right before World War II and journeyed through Russia, Poland and Israel before finally settling in the United States. Perhaps based on their experiences, they felt strongly about the importance of owning land. They bought a home in New Jersey and then started pursuing

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