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Carpet Helps You Create a Healthy, Stylish and Comfortable Home

(BPT) Being at home more often has inspired many people to make changes in their favorite spaces that focus on health and comfort. You might be surprised to learn that carpeting a room supports both these goals, plus offers near endless style possibilities.

Carpet is a popular flooring option,


Tips to Ease the Stress of Relocating to a New Area

(StatePoint) Approximately 35 million Americans move every year. But unlike most times when homeowners largely change addresses within the same city or county, 2020 saw a sharp increase in relocations between 50 to 500 miles away.

“The pandemic has opened the eyes to many that they can


The Latest Real Estate and Housing ‘Trends’

This week Fox News with Shepard Smith interviewed Diana Olick, CNBC’s top real estate correspondent, about some of the latest news items she sees in the marketplace. The part I thought was most interesting was her reference to recent search trends on Google that have been gaining attention. I did a little more research and was


Homes for Sale in Bergen County: Guide to Finding Your Next Home

Having moved from New York City to Bergen County myself, I’ve had the pleasure of navigating the area and the market to find the perfect home for my family. This experience has given me unique insight that has helped me assist those looking to buy one of the homes for sale in Bergen County with greater accuracy, ensuring they find their


Setting the Record Straight

The number one question I am asked upon showing a house, after, of course, the asking price, is the cost of the real estate taxes. After all, most buyers, when considering what they can afford, view the price through the lens of their monthly carrying costs. This would be the mortgage payments and, in many cases, the monthly


The Knesset Is On Church Land?!

My client informed me that he wanted to purchase an apartment in Talbieh between Jabotinsky Street and King David Street. I mentioned to him that many apartments in this area are on land previously owned by the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem (the church). I then explained that over 130,000 dunam (32,500 acres) of land in


Jacob’s Ladder Installs Air Purification Systems That Eliminate Viruses, Germs and Allergens

Scientists are taking a closer look at indoor ventilation as a culprit in transmitting COVID-19, according to a September 1 report in The Wall Street Journal. Researchers say air should be cleaned to prevent virus particles from circulating and reaching new targets. Jacob Finkel, a heating and air conditioning specialist


Simple, Sustainable Backyard Improvements

(BPT) One in three consumers say they have increased their efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly practices, and 70% prefer to purchase eco-friendly products, according to a recent Trusted Media Brands survey. Some of the easiest first steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle can be taken right in your own backyard.


Getting The Best Mortgage Rate

I will admit, it was a very intimidating conversation. He came highly recommended to me from a past client who told me that Reuben (not his real name) was the top actuary in the firm and an expert statistician. Reuben was very clear from the start that he was looking for “the best mortgage rate” possible and was willing to pay to get


Deck Building Products That Sidestep Sky-High Lumber Prices

(BPT) According to a recent survey on the latest outdoor living trends, home improvement pros and deck building specialists tell Qualified Remodeler magazine that, “everyone is thinking about building something bigger, better, stronger and wider,” and that “homeowners are requesting increasingly larger, more customized


The Summer Market

With Memorial Day behind us and the finishing touches being placed on most of our summer plans, many of my customers are asking what to expect from the coming “summer market.”

In general I have always felt that the real estate market in Bergen County is four seasons long and other than a few


Ideas for Backyard Summer Fun

(StatePoint) Whether you’re hosting a get together or just want to keep everyone in your household entertained, it’s the best time of year to take the fun outdoors. Check out these five ideas for backyard fun for people of all ages:

  • Create a waterpark: Avoid traffic and crowds and
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