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Real Estate

Limiting the Building Construction Index

When buying a property in Israel and determining your budget, there will be additional costs above the purchase price, such as the acquisition tax, legal and brokerage fees, and other sundry items. When buying an apartment in a project under construction, also known as buying “on paper,” an important additional cost to consider


Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

(StatePoint) The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s also a space where you can waste a lot of energy if you’re not careful. By making a few simple adjustments to your habits in the kitchen, you can easily cut your energy bills and do your part to help the environment.

“The appliances you select


The Rise of the Humble Basement

The psychologist for the NY Yankees listed his house in Teaneck with me many years ago. During the first week of showings I had a lovely couple, which included a husband who was on the taller side, come to view the house. When they got to the basement which featured a nice sized playroom plus washer and dryer, the husband could not


Times Are Changing. Are You?!

A woman’s husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every day.

One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer.

As she sat by him, his eyes filled with tears as he began to whisper -


How to Extend Your Next Vacation

As is the custom this time of year all across America, many of our neighbors, friends and, if we’re lucky enough, even “we” will go on some sort of vacation escaping the normal routines of our day to day lives. Some of us will board planes to exotic beach locations, others will travel by car to mountain cottages. The


The Everlasting Appeal Of Hardwood

(BPT) Today’s homeowners are more invested than ever in keeping their homes updated by elevating their style and taking on projects ranging from bringing in fresh new paint colors to serious bathroom or kitchen renovations.

Alongside these home updates is the trend of rethinking flooring and


Breaking the Ice for Women’s Ice Hockey at the Maccabiah Games

You know you are a great player. You have been playing ice hockey with the boys for years but you are being told, “Girls are not allowed to play on Maccabi USA’s men’s ice hockey team.” What do you do now? Obviously, you make women’s ice hockey a sport at the Maccabiah Games.


Happy Independence Day – But When Does It Occur?

I was recently doing a presentation for a group of real estate professionals that ranged from veterans to new hires. I went around the room, asking everyone to introduce themselves and to tell me a brief description of what brought them into the real estate business.

One gentleman introduced himself,


Home Décor FAQs

I am often asked certain questions that seem like a theme, so I thought that I would address some of the more frequently posed queries.

How can I decorate around my gray sofa?

Gray is certainly an on-trend color, so how to incorporate it into our space with style?


Environmentally Sound

I recall a metaphor being used to describe the far-reaching impacts of expressing a juicy tidbit about another individual that wantonly tarnishes their reputation—a classic form of lashon hara. The metaphor was something along the lines of an overstuffed feather pillow being torn apart and a gust of wind dispersing the feathers until


How Are Property Taxes Computed?

In Israel, just like the rest of the world, owners of real estate must pay property taxes, which are used to support city administrative activities such as garbage collection and maintenance of parks and roads.

Israeli property taxes are called “arnona,” an ancient Greek word which has been


You’re Only a Loser If You’re Forced To Sell

We were working with a wonderful young couple anxiously waiting to close on their first home purchase. They, and we, did everything necessary to prepare for closing in a timely and efficient manner. The week before closing, we were told that the sellers were postponing the closing for two weeks. A week later, we were told there would be

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