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Unfulfilled Expectations

We often dedicate articles to former world leaders who supported the establishment of the State of Israel. The street signs bearing their names serve as an eternal legacy to their bond of friendship with the Jewish nation. Accordingly, many former British leaders, such as Lloyd George, Josiah Wedgewood, and Colonel John Henry


Highest and Best Offers: Giving and Getting Top Dollar

What seemed like a once-in-lifetime Covid craze is now, once again, a reality in the real estate market. Many areas are experiencing unusually high demand for new homes that hit the market. In addition, the “above ask” offers are exceeding those during the pandemic when buyers were desperate to buy something fast. There were several


Is This the Light at the End of The Tunnel? Inventory Is Up?!

It really isn’t much but the numbers are quite clear. While the WSJ published a nicely titled article on “A Tale of Two Housing Markets,” contrasting the declining West Coast market and the still rising East Coast market, a very nuanced look at our Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford area will show a slightly different


Michele Redlich: The South Florida Agent You Need to Know

For over 27 years, Michele Redlich has been one Southeast Florida’s top real estate agents. Having sold over 1,000 properties in her career, Redlich, along with her talented and highly skilled team, have been helping clients carefully and successfully navigate complex real estate transactions, including


Real Estate in Israel Just Got a Lot More Interesting

(Courtesy of Tivich Shelly) Tivuch Shelly has extended our presence across the country to cater to our continuously expanding customer base. Our broad spectrum of properties ranges from affordable to luxury options in major cities that attract Anglos of all budgets.

We are excited to announce our hottest


How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

(BPT) If you enjoy time at home these days, you’re not alone. According to TruGreen’s new survey conducted in collaboration with OnePoll, 69% of Americans spend more time at home than two years ago. And because homeowners enjoy being at home, it’s no surprise home improvement remains a priority, with lawns as a top investment


A Guide to Buying Property in Israel: A Purchasing Checklist

Buying property in Jerusalem can be very exciting, but also a potentially daunting experience at first.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Jerusalem/Israel, there are several steps you need to take to help make it a hopefully smooth and successful transaction.


Best Neighborhoods in New Jersey to Buy a Place for Your Young Family

New Jersey, the Garden State, is a fantastic place to raise a young family. With its diverse communities, top-notch education system, and close proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia, it's no wonder that many young Jewish families are making their homes here. In this article, we'll explore the best neighborhoods in New Jersey for your growing family, focusing


The Fed Just Did a Lot More Than You Think

As I predicted, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points this past Wednesday. It was one of the most important meetings for Jerome Powell and The Fed since they began their quantitative tightening monetary policy last year. It was the first session immediately coming off a tumultuous banking crisis, which put Powell in a


Staying Focused: The Connection Between Bedikat Chametz and a Home Inspection

A few weeks ago, shortly before our switch to daylight savings time, a great house came on the market that suited one of my customers. I immediately reached out and urged them to come for a showing, as a good house does not linger in this current market. As expected they were very excited and gave me selected times for


Understanding Commercial Real Estate Trends

Whether you live in Rockland, Orange, or Bergen County, no doubt you feel that things are shifting when it comes to commercial real estate in the region.

Accounting for rising raw material costs, the pandemic and its resultant supply chain issues, and rising interest rates, real estate has


Eight Easy Steps to Declutter Your Pantry

Pantries can be a big, daunting task to clean up because they become a catch-all for your food. Your best bet is to divide and conquer. Here is a step-by-step guide to spring cleaning and organizing your pantry.

1. Take everything out of your pantry. Check every item for the expiration date; if it has

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