Friday, February 03, 2023

Real Estate

The Indelible Memories Of Childhood

Growing up, every Sunday at 2 p.m. my parents would put me in the back seat of our two-toned green Chevrolet and we would drive across Brooklyn to visit my grandparents in Williamsburg. Upon arrival we would be promptly ushered into the living room and for the next two hours it was the same thing every week. Politics, politics,


Improve Your Cash Flow Now

In terms of the economy and the increase in mortgage rates, I would say it is what it is. Do we predict the future? Do we hold off our game plans? Should we worry? Maybe all of the above? I just don’t think that procrastination helps in any capacity. Maybe, just maybe, we should look at planning based on what we want to


Get Your Home Feeling Refreshed and Cozy for Fall

(BPT) With autumn underway, leaves are changing colors, temperatures have cooled down and days are shorter. During this time of change, your home and wardrobe go through a transition as well. This is the time of year you get sweaters and jackets out of storage bins or the back of your closet, and blankets come out to warm up beds


Homeowners Have Lost About $2 Trillion In Home Equity. What You Need To Know.

We have entered an unnerving real estate market. Over the past few weeks, I have been fielding many interviews with publications such as CNBC, Fox Business, Money, Yahoo, Forbes, Fortune, and the like about shifts in the housing and lending industries. My big concern with such editorials is that many of these reporters and the experts they


Tax-Free Real Estate Investment in Israel

Mark Twain famously said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Interestingly, this adage has spurred the oft-quoted saying, “History is stranger than fiction.” Thankfully for us, sometimes taxhistory truly is stranger than fiction. In this short article we will describe how the strange but true history of tax


Tivuch Shelly Real Estate in Israel: ‘We Cover the Coast’

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Combine the emotional and spiritual satisfaction of having a home in Israel together with two of the most pleasurable beachfront sites in all of the country, Netanya and Ashkelon. Both of these beachfront cities are rapidly developing and Anglos are flocking to these areas. For people dreaming


Downsizing? Declutter

Most people who have empty space tend to find stuff to fill it. The larger the house and the longer you have lived in it, the more likely you are to have furniture, clothes, dishes and whatnot that haven’t been used for decades. As you consider downsizing, you have to face the reality that you can’t keep it all.


How Not to Lose a Good Deal

Each person has a different list of priorities when searching for their Jerusalem home. Sometimes, however, it seems like a client has found the perfect home that fits all their criteria, and yet they seemingly find every reason not to buy that apartment.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

Let’s pretend you are a client looking for an investment


Running Out of Money

Joe Schmoe replaced all the windows in his house. He had top-of-the-line, double-insulated, energy-efficient windows installed. A few weeks later, he received a bill from the company, which he immediately threw in the trash. Sixty days later, another invoice arrived, which he promptly tossed. At the six-month mark, a letter with a pink


Bergenfield Teen Offers Affordable Power Washing Services

Yosef Shell of Bergenfield is a lot like other kids. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and keeping up with his favorite sports teams. What sets the TABC sophomore apart, though, is that at only 15 years old he has launched his own company: Spotless Power Washing. Yosef is using this new venture


October Market Report

If the image of a roller coaster is your preference when visualizing the current real estate market, simply close your eyes and envision the following: You just finished hearing the slow click click click of the gears lifting the cars higher and higher, which is followed by an eerie silence where you feel your heart


New Communities and Affordable Housing: What More Can You Ask For?

Purchasing a property is a challenge, especially when looking to purchase in a different country. Whether you are looking to invest or to settle in Israel, Tivuch Shelly has a community and home that is sure to fit your needs and personal budget. Every smart investor knows that Israel real estate is the best investment a

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