Monday, April 19, 2021

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‘What! Me Afraid of Dogs?’

My mom was terrified of dogs! Growing up as a child on the streets of Borough Park, whenever a dog would appear she would grab my arm and run. Apparently I come from a long line of dog phobic ancestors, as my grandmother was known to have similar fears.

This may seem incongruous with


Healthy and Safe Home Cleaning Tips

(StatePoint) When it comes to keeping your home healthy, safe and clean, it’s all about balance. Using the following tips, you can make 2021 the year you perfect your cleaning technique affordably:

Get Prepped

Before getting started, wash your


The Exceptional Israel-Philippines Connection

This article is dedicated in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls every year on January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Haifa is a beautiful city located in northern Israel that offers its residents a rich quality of life. The country’s third


Five Ways to Add Fun and Function to Your Garage

(BPT) Now is the perfect time to create more living space in your home. Whether you need a place to take a break from daily stressors, get some work done or host friends and family, look no further than your own garage.

For many, the garage is simply a place to park the car, store tools


Debt Control

Debt, as with anything, can be good or bad. Debt management is the key to not digging yourself into a hole that you can’t climb out of. Easier said than done, you say, and I would agree with you. Even those who have substantial incomes still can wind up drowning in debt. It’s totally normal to think that you need to pay for things,


Make Your Home a Sanctuary – Even if COVID-19 Arrives on Your Doorstep

(StatePoint/3M Sponsored Content) Winter has brought with it a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. And while the rollout of preventive vaccines has begun, the manufacture and delivery of sufficient doses to inoculate all Americans will take months. Because the disease can be unpredictable, everyone should take precautions to mitigate its spread,


Doing The Right Thing

Someone jokingly asked me if I already got vaccinated because I am in an “essential” industry. We all had a good laugh, but from a financial perspective, one would be hardpressed not to recognize that the mortgage industry was, in fact, a crucial part of economic stability and support for most of 2020. With over $4 trillion in estimated


Design Therapy With Tara

Hello, homeowners! I am an interior designer from Bergen County and the owner of Design Therapy NJ. I help overwhelmed homeowners navigate their renovation journey. I have worked in the interior design industry since 2005 and hold an interior design degree from Berkeley College. I have worked for a


The Ever-Evolving Home—WFH?

It was a cold winter night sometime in 1992, and the supposed “quick showing” of a listing of mine was going way longer than expected. Eventually the appointment ended and upon my arrival home I found my husband anxiously waiting at the door … “Where have you been????”


Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

(StatePoint) Thinking of remodeling your home? From safety and security to product and contractor selection, there are many factors to consider.

Follow these eight remodeling tips to help minimize hassles during a renovation:

1. Create a budget. Create a project budget and set a spending


Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Safety

(BPT) A fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds, and a small flame can turn into a major fire rapidly. With Americans spending more time at home than ever before, it is important to be ready before disaster strikes. To ensure your family is prepared for the unexpected, make sure you know these five fire safety do’s and


Breathe Easy: What You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Purifier

(BPT) More people than ever before are considering room air filters and purifiers to protect themselves against COVID-19 indoors. But do these devices really make a difference?

Air purifiers and filters can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, in a home, office or other confined