Friday, August 06, 2021

Real Estate

Wondering Where You Should Buy in Israel? Shelly Levine Has a Community for You!

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) When an observant American Jew is looking to buy real estate in Israel, as a home or investment, it’s likely he or she will find their way to Shelly Levine. Her company, Tivuch Shelly, specializes in selling in new and existing communities that attract Anglos. She knows what will attract


The Price of Expert Advice

I recently bumped into a past client, who reminded me of how I “saved his neck, big time,” and expressed how appreciative he still was. At the time, he called me for a rate quote on a home he was looking to buy – with no mortgage contingency – that needed to close within 45 days. He was a few days into a contract to buy a home


Never Cook Broccoli Before a Showing

When I first became an agent I had the honor of working with Mary Lenk, co-owner of Lenk/Friedberg Properties. She taught me many invaluable lessons to improve myself as a realtor, such as always keeping a fully stocked cosmetic bag and complete file folder with purchase contracts and disclosures in my car—since you never know


What Not to Do When Buying an Apartment in Israel as a Foreigner

(Courtesy of Asden) Last week, we discussed what you should do when purchasing an apartment in Israel from abroad. This week we will focus on what not to do in that situation.

1. Don’t Assume Anything.“Real estate transactions work differently in every country. When buying


How to Hire the Right Agent

An agent is like a business partner. There is a lot more than the fee or charm that will play out as a factor in possibly the biggest financial decision in your life. The difference between the right agent and the wrong one can be thousands of dollars. This amount is not what you pay in commission but rather what you pay in mistakes. For


Batsheva Rivkin Sells South Florida

According to real estate expert Batsheva Rivkin, living in Florida certainly has its benefits. “Life is happier here,” said the Brooklyn native, who wants to help others find their happy place as well. Rivkin is part of the talented team at Compass, a leading residential real estate firm that combines the industry’s top


Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Home

(BPT) It’s no secret that nature has the power to inspire, invigorate, restore and refresh. Research shows that nature can offer mental health benefits including decreasing stress and relieving anxiety. In fact, incorporating elements of nature into the home has been proven to improve happiness and well-being. Following are five


Beyond the Fineprint

I recently had a business trip that required arrangements for air travel with very short notice. Having not traveled much over the past year because of the pandemic, I was a little thrown off at how some airlines were now handling charges. Apparently, these days, “basic” plane tickets do not come with any baggage allowance, both


Prime Two Day Delivery Of Your New Home?

The perfectly quaffed mom hops out of her SUV and immediately starts apologizing - “I’m so sorry, my babysitter cancelled and I had to bring my twins along.” Out of the back seat hop two adorable matching 5 year old girls and we begin our tour of one of Bergen counties nicest homes. After walking into the multi


Buying on Paper: Eight Important Things to Know

Real estate attorney Nicole Levin recently shared with me a list of eight important things to be aware of when buying “on paper” in a new project under construction.

1. Once you have chosen an apartment and agreed on the price, you will sign a registration form and pay a registration fee.


Tips for Foreigners Looking to Buy an Apartment in Israel

(Courtesy of Asden) Buying an apartment in Israel is an incredibly special opportunity and can be a unique and rewarding experience. For many, though, it can also seem scary or overwhelming, especially if buying property from abroad. At Asden, we have had the opportunity to speak to many Jewish families and individuals from abroad


New Words, New Real Estate, New World

It seems we’ve finally turned the corner from the COVID-19 pandemic that greatly impacted our lives for the year to remember (or forget). It is a relief that we can finally book tickets to Israel after three cancellations last Pesach, Sukkot and Pesach again while my grandchildren are anxiously waiting for us to come.

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