Friday, February 03, 2023

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Window Weatherization 101

(StatePoint) Prepping windows for cold, gusty weather is essential no matter your home’s age, but what exactly needs to be done? Read on for the ultimate breakdown of how to seal windows and protect your home from the winter chill.

Step 1 – Test for Air Leaks. Any style of window could have


Combining Fun With Function: Easy Home Office Updates

(StatePoint) Brightening up your home office can bring a sense of fresh energy to your workspace, but making changes can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin. Family organizing expert Jessica Litman, also known as “The Organized Mama,” shares her pro tips to creatively update your home office without stress.


What Does a Change of Seasons Mean for Your Home’s Roof?

(BPT) As the fall home improvement season continues, now is a good time to think about how a change in seasons may affect your home’s roof. Season after season, roofs across the U.S. are subject to unpredictable weather conditions including high winds, storm debris, winter cold and summer heat. Unpredictable weather means your


Time to Batten Down The Hatches. The 2022 Version of Noah and The Ark

How appropriate that during the week we read the Torah portion of Noach and the flood, Jeff Bizos, one of the wealthiest men in the world, tweeted, “the probabilities in this economy tell you to batten down the hatches.” Bizos joins the myriad of CEOs, executives, politicians, and economists predicting doom and gloom for the U.S. and


National vs. Local

Many of us may have read the article in The Wall Street Journal this past week heralding the news that home prices had their biggest month-to-month decline in more than a decade during the month of August. This was based on the Case Shiller National Home Price Index, which “measures the average home price in major metropolitan


George Bailey and Mortgage Rates

If you’ve watched “It’s a Wonderful Life,” you’re familiar with the Bailey Building and Loan. As George Bailey explained his business model, “Tom, we take your money as a deposit and we then give it to Mr. Martini so he can build a house.”

The business model of savings and loans


Action Waste Services Offers Affordable Waste Removal

Getting rid of old junk can be annoying. There’s the process of finding a place to dump it and renting the truck to move it, and then there’s the actual act of getting it out of the house, which can be especially tough with larger items. Enter Action Waste Services, a waste removal company geared towards simplifying the process


How You Can Easily Get into House Flipping

Money is one of those things that can be a little challenging accumulating, but ridiculously easy to lose. But rather than lose it to trivial splurge or a temporary vacation, why not put it toward something that provides value over time? Your first thought may turn to an investment, which is a pretty good choice. However, the risk of the stock market may not be cutting


Homeownership Is Not What You Think

There was much catching up to do after a few weeks of Jewish holidays. On my first day back, I had three early-day consultations with aspiring home buyers. These three were completely different in their geographical pursuits and their demographical makeup. Two were first-time buyers, and the third was looking to scale down from their


Tips to Improve Fire Safety Around Your Home

(BPT) Did you know you and your family might only have two minutes to escape from a fire in your home? Because fires can start and spread quickly, it’s important to take steps to prevent fires from starting, learn about fire safety in the home and develop an escape plan.

For Fire Prevention


Meir Waldman of Nexus Towers Helps Real Estate Investors Find New Ways to Profit

(Courtesy of Nexus Towers) Have you ever seen cell towers on private property and wondered how they got there? The answer is that cellular providers search for good locations to provide coverage to a given area and offer cell tower leases to property owners. With the growing need to provide nationwide


Israel’s Mystery Men

Very few streets in Israel are named for people who have served as spies, and for good reason: The goal of the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, is to keep its clandestine activities and the identification of its agents confidential.

The biggest exception to this rule is Eli

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