Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Highest and Best…

This week I found myself on the hunt for new car tires. I have not needed to replace tires in quite some time and recalled how inconvenient the process was last time. That said, I didn’t anticipate too much difficulty as I assumed the market had only gotten more efficient over the years.

After my


Teach Children How to Protect Birds in Your Backyard

(StatePoint) Part of being a good environmental steward is passing on this wisdom to the next generation. Here are three hands-on ways parents and grandparents can teach children to protect the birds in their very own backyard.

Build a Bird Feeder


Creative and Affordable Housing Solutions

Our clients wanted to buy a 4-bedroom apartment in a central Jerusalem location, within walking distance to the Kotel. Their goal was to move in when they retire in 15 years, so they needed a Shabbat elevator, plus they wanted a parking spot and storage room. Although their budget was not large enough to purchase a modern apartment


Housing Crisis

Perhaps I find these articles because I’m watching for them, but I seem to see another article every day highlighting the housing crisis. “When Private Equity Becomes Your Landlord,” “There’s One Affordable Home for Every 350 Middle Class Homebuyers,” “US Housing Affordability Worsens” are articles I’ve seen just


All Cash!

In today’s market, there’s a lot of competition for homes (I don’t have to tell you that). In a tight bidding war, it is not uncommon, as one of the strategies, to offer all cash. I only advise that if you do that, you have the cash, or access to cash, available to close. You may think, “Hey, but if I give them all my dough, I’ll


Buying Your First Home: What You Should Know

(BPT) The housing market has exploded since 2020. The pandemic fueled a house-buying frenzy with remote work and leaving large urban areas to live in different parts of the country is becoming more mainstream. According to the National Association of Realtors, 31% of all home purchases since 2020 have been made by first-time home


Zillow Said What?!

At a recent engagement party, I saw an ‘almost client’ who gave me an update on his life and home buying endeavors. Needless to say, he was still at the same point as where he was last time we spoke almost one year ago – without a house. He expressed how frustrating it has been to “still” be looking for a home for this long. He


Low Inventory and The ‘Spring Bump’

We did a deep dive into the statistics and what we discovered confirms many of the negative assumptions we all have vis a vis the housing market, yet also reaffirms our belief in what may well be the turnaround expected in the near term.

Yes, we all know by now that inventory is


Is Refinancing Dead?

As soon as rates go up, there is an abundant number of articles and news reports saying that refinancing is dead. Refinancing is not only a rate-based decision, and there are many reasons to consider refinancing.

For those borrowers who missed the opportunity to refinance for various reasons,


How to Choose the Best Wallpaper Design for Any Space

(StatePoint) Thinking about using wallpaper to transform your walls from drab to fab? You’re in good company. Wallpaper’s popularity is on the rise in both residential and commercial spaces and gaining an edge over paint.

Why? Experts believe this trend reflects a growing recognition of


New Tech for a Great 2022

(StatePoint) If you’re thinking about hitting the reboot button and giving your tech a refresh, here are a few tech gadgets and developments to look forward to this year, all of which can help you organize your life and better stick to your goals.

  • Wearables to keep you on track: The popularity

Offense or Defense – Which Will Win The “Big” Game?

If yours is like most homes, you will have at least two people in your household watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. The Super Bowl is unquestionably the most-watched event in the United States, and this year will be no exception. In fact, the price of a Super Bowl commercial hit a new record in 2022, as companies paid $7 million for a

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