Monday, June 05, 2023

Last week, Frisch seniors visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan to remember the tragic events of that fateful day. The Museum serves as the country’s primary institution that explores the implications of the events of 9/11, and the day’s lingering impact and significance.

Rabbi Michael Bashist, Director of Judaic Studies and Educational Enrichment and the Senior Grade Dean, oversaw the trip.

“We bring the seniors on this trip because they are on the brink of entering the world and taking their place as adults,” he said. “As citizens of the world, they must have as good an understanding as possible of the events that shaped the world in which we live today. This is especially true as Americans, as we must appreciate the sacrifice that the country has made for our freedoms.”

Before the students went inside the museum, Rabbi Bashist implored them to remember, as they move forward after graduation, to channel their collective talents and strengths toward creating a better and brighter future for the world.

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