Monday, August 03, 2020

RYNJ partnered with The Manischewitz Company this past week to break the world record for simultaneous dreidel spinners. The previous record was 965 and RYNJ planned to go for 1,400!

The brainchild of Sara Rivka Stromer, an RYNJ alumna and brand manager at Manischewitz, the idea was jumped on by the RYNJ administration as a way to bring the entire school community together to usher in the spirit of Chanukah a few days early. The dreidel challenge fit perfectly with the yeshiva theme of the year, the concept of community, and it was so fitting to highlight the theme in a fun filled, meaningful way.

Students, teachers, faculty and staff filed into the Felman Athletic Center and the surrounding concourse and hallways, each with a dreidel in hand. After breaking the world record with nearly 1,400 dreidel spinners (since no Guiness officials were present, the record is unofficial), Rabbi Daniel Price, RYNJ head of school, led the crowd in the bracha of shehakol as water bottles were distributed to all. The kiddush Hashem created by 1400 voices reciting shekaol truly brought to the fore that hakol neheyeh b’dvaro—everything came about due to His word—the words of Hashem created water and similarly the miracle of Chanukah.

Upon returning to class, the spirit of Chanukah continued as sufganiyot were enjoyed by all. To top off the day, each student received a gift from Manischewitz, a dreidel cookie with decorating icing. This past Friday, December 1, will be a day long remembered by the RYNJ family.