Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The middle school students at Yeshivat Noam excitedly presented their research, models and experiments, to proud parents at the annual Dynamic Earth Expo. Over the past six weeks, students worked to think critically and constructively about a specific aspect of scientific world issues. In collaboration with the social studies department, sixth graders were challenged to redesign machines that were originally conceptualized by ancient civilizations. The students learned how ancient people devised methods to adapt and modify their and explored possible modern applications of these devices.

Seventh grade students considered modern global environmental issues including, erosion and pollution. They simulated these situations in order to not only examine how the environment is affected but to also develop potential solutions. Eighth graders focused their unit of study on the human consumption and conservation of energy. Students studied different forms of alternative energies. They were tasked to build working models in order to discern the efficacy and practically of these alternative energy sources.

The focus of the Dynamic Earth Expo is the both the practical application of science and the development of key skills in research, collaboration and communication. In all grades, students were successful in demonstrating their deep understanding, confidence and passion for science!