Sunday, June 07, 2020

Imagine flying through the air on a swinging tire, balancing yourself on a thin wire rope, running through the fields playing “Fishy Fishy” or collaborating with your friends to unravel a human knot! RYNJ sixth grade students had a sensational day at Camp Vacamus in West Milford, New Jersey doing all of this and more!

Here, on their athletic fields, wooded paths and ropes courses, students excitedly worked on fine-tuning their clear communication skills, team building and problem solving skills as well as critical thinking skills by accomplishing some amazing challenges. These activities helped sixth graders develop confidence, utilize a growth mindset, persevere even when the going was a bit tough and amaze themselves with all that could be accomplished when they supported each other and enthusiastically cheered one another on!

The Camp Vacamus group leaders and the teachers were outstanding in every way and inspired students to be their very best! There is no question that the students were model campers and they received the highest compliments from the Camp Vacamus staff!