Sunday, June 07, 2020

On Monday, September 23, Moriah middle school held annual student council elections. Prior to the election, all candidates had a week to campaign and publicize their election platform with the rest of the middle school. On election day, instead of the standard speeches usually given by the candidates, each candidate produced and submitted a video portraying and explaining why they are deserving of representing the interests and beliefs of their fellow classmates. A week later, the entire middle school gathered to watch the videos that the candidates had created. A common theme among the candidates was the desire to bring back Muffin Mondays, provide new and exciting chesed opportunities, and to participate in a Color Run for Yachad NJCD. Once the videos were completed, it was finally time to vote!

Please meet and congratulate Moriah middle school 2019 Student Council representatives: sixth grade: Brielle Weintraub; seventh grade: Ava Benkel and Isaac Kopolovitz; eighth grade: Anna Yunis and Michele Benatar; Max Levy and Daniel Amirian.

The middle school faculty is so proud of all of the candidates and thank them for their hard work, effort, and dedication to making students’ experiences in Moriah as enjoyable and successful as can be. Moriah is looking forward to all of the wonderful ideas and programs that the new student council members will implement over the course of the year!