Tuesday, August 11, 2020

All for One and One for All was the theme of BPY’s eighth grade shabbaton.. The students spent a beautiful Shabbat in Teaneck. It was a special opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together, bonding as a class and connecting with their teachers. Throughout Shabbat, there were a variety of interactive and engaging activities focused on strengthening friendships. Students eagerly anticipate the transition to high school, yet they recognize that the friendships they have formed at BPY will always be a part of them. To highlight the importance of being there for each other, Rav Aviv, Morah Adi and Rav Naor shared their own personal challenges in Israel that were eased by the people around them that came together as a team to support one another.

Throughout Shabbat, BPY integrated with the Teaneck community. BPY joined the teen minyan at Congregation Rinat Yisrael where Billy Mallin-Holtz led Shacharit and Max Epstein led Musaf. Anna Tachauer, Benjamin Kohn and David Bitton shared meaningful divrei Torah during Shabbat. A special thank you to Jessica and Yehuda Kohn and Yafit and Moshe Cohn who graciously hosted the meals. Spending Shabbat together in a home helped create the warm family environment that is such an integral part of BPY.